Pain vs Akatsuki

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" @Satoris: You are overestimating Pain's abilities. True he is a powerful shinobi who possesses the Rinnegan but he is far from unbeatable. Akatsuki has dangerous ninja like Itachi Uchiha, Kisame Hoshigaki, Deidara, Madara Uchiha etc. Deidara has a wide variety of versatile abilities and possesses the advantage of flight. With so many dangerous and powerful shinobi working together against Pain it would be rather easy to conduct effective strategies to defeat him. Itachi for one is exceptionally powerful and though we have never seen him during his physical peak he was quite impressive and was one of the fastest shinobi in the manga series. Itachi's power while heavily suffering from a terminal disease allowed him to toy with Sasuke and Madara even stated that Itachi could have killed Sasuke during their last battle with relative ease. Not to mention that Itachi is quite analytical and calculating and has a tendency to use Shadow Clones to fool his opponents. Itachi's strategical knowledge should allow him to discover the five second time limit that Pain has and with someone like Deidara it would be certain that they could defeat Pain. Let us not forget Kisame who clearly pushed Killer Bee (The Jinchuriki of the 8 Tails) to his limits. Most of all Madara should be aware of Pain's abilities and could inform the other Akatsuki members of the weaknesses and with strategical geniuses like Itachi it wouldn't be that difficult to exploit them. I would say that Akatsuki could definitely win.  ND "

true, dident realy think it out anyway 
in a way the akatsuki were good and evil, they sot please through violence witch is the rong way of doing it, but in a world of violence, sometimes you have no choice :(    
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