Over The Limit!: AV Battle Community Vote Thread.

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@Jinbeifan1: I don't mean the multi-planet level claim which is overestimating him. Vegeta at base stats is about small-planet level based off powerscaling from Piccolo's moon-busting ki blast. Going off the ten-times multiplier that the Oozaru form grants its user, it should make Vegeta roughly planet-level.

Also from I recall hearing on the series hype, only the top tiers (the Disciples) are at planet-busting level while the Heavenly Kings are somewhere at country/ continental level. If the Four Beast gave all four difficulty during their battle with it, then it would only place the monster at around the same level (continental-level being its top level) as all four of them. In that case, I don't see much reason to reopening the thread if there is that much of a gap in their attributes.

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Team FMA v.s. Doctor Who and Torchwood villains 
This thread was locked under the pretext that apparently a single Dalek could solo in spite of Daleks  never showing the capacity to tank building level attacks and getting blown up by lesser attacks such as an energy beam which has a destructive capacity which is inferior to Roy Mustang's snap and Kimbley 's clap  which could make building level explosions.Destructive capacity/durability didn't even need to brought up as Gluttony had shown the ability to bfr them with the gate.
@CerusSerenade  argued that since they were considered they werre threat to the Time Lords there destructive capacity must be great enough to withstand the attacks named above .However,the Time Lords are nearly feat less in terms of weaponry.He also said the Time Lords claimed a single Dalek was a life wiper to Gallifreyans, I couldn't find the quote for the life of me to scrutinize it's authenticity.
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