Othinus VS Darkseid

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Since Othinus is powerful enough to effortlessly stomp Magneto, I wanted to see what a fight between her and Darkseid would be like.

So, the fight takes place in the middle of Hell's Kitchen, New York City. Both have researched each other's abilities and prepped well. They are more than ready for each other and in character. Othinus is at her peak, and Darkseid is at his peak, as well as being post-crisis, pre-NU52, non-jobber Darkseid.

Who takes it and why? Oh, and it looks like I've finally been able to post some pictures despite the bug problem! Marvelous!

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Darkseid curbstomps.

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Easily Othinus. She has better feats than even SFF or PC DS, post crisis is quite a bit weaker.

Post Crisis DS is a little above Superman and WW, meaning planet+ level. Othinus is casual universe buster/'re creator with completely control of magic, time, fundamental forces of nature ect. If she wanted to she could trap DS in a infinite time loop where he has to repeat the embarrassing time he fell down a flight of stairs on panel, and DS would just have to take it, as nothing he could do can even effect Majin Othinus.

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@hitsusatsu11: With the anti-life equation he would win. When he said at his peak I automatically assumed it was with the ALE.

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