Orochimaru vs Konoha

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"He may be strong enough to defeat a whole village by himself"- Hiruzen Sarutobi.

Supposing Orochimaru had successfully killed the 3rd without any real trouble. Would he have been able to bring down the leaf?

Setting: Konoha. Remember that this is the part 1 version of everyone.

Scenario 1: Orochimaru, the sound 4 and the sand village forces (minus Gaara, Kankuro and Temari) vs everyone in Konoha minus the 3rd and Jiraiya. Gai cannot use the gates.

Scenario 2: The sand flee the battle, but Orochimaru still has his edos. Orochimaru, edo Hashirama, edo Tobirama and the sound 4 vs everyone in Konoha minus the 3rd (Jiraiya is present).

Will Orochimaru succeed in either/both scenarios?

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@GIRUGAMESH: I think he would win the first but possibly lose the 2nd.

When Kakashi saw Orochimaru during the Chuunin exams he pretty much crapped himself and at that particular moment in time I believe he was probably one of the most powerful ninja village. I would think Danzo is probably the only challenge here but with Edo Hashirama and Edo Tobirama on his side he's going to be pretty much unstoppable.

The 2nd battle seems like it would be a lot closer. Jiraiya is easily better than Orochimaru and Danzo being here too with his Izanagi would possibly prove to be too much for Orochimaru and his edos, especially Jiraiya with his genjutsu that uses sound. The sound 4 wouldn't be great, they all got taken out by Genins and having Kakashi, Gai and all the other high level Konoha ninja would probably give Team Konoha the win. It all depends on whether or not Konoha can find a way to seal Hashirama and Tobirama because if they can't then they're probably screwed.

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Scenario 1 Danzo should win.

Scenario 2 Jiraiya could likely solo.

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@ohgodwhy: You misunderstand, Orochimaru does not have the edos with him in the first scenario. And lol, had honestly forgotten about Danzo, may edit it.

@nishi99: You think that Jiraiya could solo Orochimaru, an edo Hashirama, an edo Tobirama and the sound 4 at once? Good luck to him.

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@GIRUGAMESH: Yeah Danzo unbalances it a little bit imo because he would be at least as powerful as Orochimaru.

If there's no Danzo and no Edo for the first battle then I'd still be inclined to say Orochimaru's team would win. Kakashi is probably the strongest ninja in the village and like I said before he pretty much crapped it.

Konoha probably has the greater overall ninja but without a strong leader who can compete against Orochimaru, they're probably screwed. Plus Sound 4 is pretty powerful, I did say they got taken out by the genins earlier but that was obviously PIS. Infact the Sand nins helped out a fair bit, except for Neji who barely won and Chouji who used those pills to make him pretty hax.

I guess it really comes down to Orochimaru though, can he compete against several jounin level ninja on his own? I suppose after revaluating what I said earlier, he might actually lose just because he'd probably run out of stamina or something. He'd need some good mass kill jutsus to stand a chance because Konoha nin are a lot better than the average Sand nin.

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@ohgodwhy: Fair play, I could see Oro spamming a few summons to help with the mass destruction (similar to what we saw in the Pain invasion, just with a lot more snakes).

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Yeah quite a few Manda like summons, we saw the destruction just a couple of giants snakes were causing to Konoha before Jiraiya intervened. This would be a close one, I keep changing my mind lol. Now I'm thinking Orochimaru could win using all his summons.

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The only thing i see Jiraiya or Danzo having a hard time with would be sealing the 1st and 2nd hokage.

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