orochimaru vs deidara

Topic started by nishi99 on May 26, 2012. Last post by One_Piece_God 2 years, 10 months ago.
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  • orochimaru
  • deidara
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Could you put more info in this battle?

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Its a fight to the death one on one.

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More then that, like bloodlust , prep, knowledge, standard equipment and location.

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I voted for Orochimaru. Deidara is ass against anyone with range and Orochimaru has that sword that can stretch hundreds of feet. Despite Deidara's ability to fly, he's got pretty terrible mobility as evidenced by his inability to dodge Kakshi's slow MS attack and Sasuke's sword and shuriken attacks, all of which were launched while Deidara was airborne and his opponents were grounded. Without that, all he has is the suicide bomb. When Orochimaru was half-dead and his body was rejecting him, he was able to stand up to a close range bijuu bomb attack from 4-tailed Kyuubi Naruto and other moves that turned a massive forest area into little more than a crater in the ground by using jutsu and other techniques/skill. If he's a full health, I definitely think he'll be able to survive a suicide attack, making him the victor by default.

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@sickVisionz: This, though Orochimaru is intelligent enough, versatile enough and sneaky enough to take out Deidara before he gets the chance to use any of his major attacks IMO (namely C4 or self-destruct).

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he would do the same thing sasuke did to tank the explotion....summon manda

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Orochimaru. None of Deidara's c2 bombs would be a threat to him, he could avoid death at the hands of c4 with his rebirth jutsu as soon as his old body begins to desintigrate, and he could deal with c0 like Sasuke did which involves summoning poor Manda.
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Gonna have to go with Orochimaru. Deidara mostly specializes in ranged combat with his various clay bomb attacks and can find his options being very limited if dealing with foes that engage him in close quarters. Orochimaru has more flexible options to engage foes in combat with his various snake jutsu, summons and use of the Kusanagi sword, the first of which would help him immensely to recover quickly from life threatening injuries he would sustain from Deidara's bomb attacks. The battle would be kind of similar to Deidara's final battle with Sasuke with how Orochimaru handles the bombs.
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Orochimaru's weaknesses:

  • Sharingan
  • Hokage


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