One tail Naruto Vs Sage mode Naruto.

Topic started by rein on April 13, 2010. Last post by sickVisionz 4 years, 11 months ago.
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@Alexman113 said:
"no he wasn't. Sasuke took maybe 2 hits, but otherwise he dodged basically everything. "

He couldn't dodge the Chakra coat, he says he couldn't predit where it was heading and it was plowing him into a mountain with a giant hand.
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@John_Martone said:

" @Fantasma said:

" @John_Martone said:
" @Fantasma:  I dunno, this is something i'll need to see to believe. "
It's a shame, instead of posting them here...  I guess its because of the traffic on the Vine, a lot more people there... "
True enough, though logic like that ensures that they continue to have more people there. Not that I have a problem with Comic Vine having a bunch of traffic ^_^
@sickVisionz: Well, sage mode still taps into that well of chakra naruto gets from the fox demon, so they both have essentially unlimited power/potential. The reason I side with the sage naruto is that even if it was the 4-tails, it'd still be even more an unthinking monster... so a calm, collected opponent has a lot of advantage there. Besides, he's never sustained those modes for long. For all we know, the larger tails might burn themselves out. "
 Naruto has insane amounts of Chakra without the Kyuubi, and unless I'm remembering incorrectly, Naruto doesn't access and tailed Chakra while in Sage mode. I believe he draws energy from nature, sort of like a spirit bomb.
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@LiquidPrince: i don't believe he uses Fox chakra when he first starts off in sage mode, but he has shown the ability to mix it before.
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@rein: I don't think that's right. I think it's sort of a divide when it comes to Sage mode. He either is in Sage mode, or has become so angry that the fox takes over ala the fight with Pain.
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this is fox sage naruto.
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@sickVisionz said:
" @hitsusatsu11 said:
" sage mode when naruto fights Pain>>3 even 4 tails when he fought orochimaru imo "
You really think Sage mode can beat the 4 tails?  4 tails can tear people in half with its bare hands, shoot massive beam cannons, extends parts of its body and grow alternate limbs to attack, its skin is poisonous, and it has the chakra shield which lets it take direct hits from magic swords and grab them barehanded.  I don't the Wind Rasengan would have any effect considering the chakra shield and the fact that the 4 tails had a ball of compressed chakra explode in its stomach, with the destructive force to level an entire battlefield, and it didn't sustain any injury from it. "
four tails can rip people in half in one strike but sage naruto can literally crush a person to pieces in one strike. Also wind rasen shuriken is just as much an instant kill as four tail kyubi chakra blast if they hit. Also I'm not saying 4 tails is weaker than sage mode but I am saying sage mode is stronger than one tail naruto. One tail wasn't impressive as his rasengan couldn't even overpower sasuke's curse chidori. Even 4 tails couldn't beat Orochimaru whereas sage naruto gave Pain hell. But seriously do you honestly think that sage naruto would lose to Curse mark Sasuke? Against 1 tails I think that Sage mode is far more powerful. 4 tails and up is a different mater though.
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@taichokage said:
" Even 4 tails couldn't beat Orochimaru whereas sage naruto gave Pain hell. "
In all fairness none of Orochimaru's attacks proved to be effective and that fight ended with him slowly crapping himself out of a snake's ass and running away.  I agree with everything else about Sage vs 1 Tails though.
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