One Piece & Naruto Battle!!

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Rules: 10 Character Battle

  • If Used, You Can Only Use 1 Strawhat, 1 Captain, 1 First Mate, 1 Sichibukai (I Know Schibukai Are Considered Ex Captains But Mihawk, Kuma etc Are Allowed Because They Are Not With Their Crew - Ex Or Still Active - Kuma Is Considered Dead), 1 Kage, Naruto Or Sasuke, 2 Kage lvl. Ninja
  • You Can Only Use 2 Members From Each 3 Man Group ( Naruto )
  • You Can Only Use Marines If Your Group Contains Only Marines & Naruto Characters
  • Only 1 Deceased Character Allowed & No Edo Tensei Zombies ( Only When The Naruto Character Was Alive )
  • You Can Only Use 1 Jinchuuriki
  • Prefearbly Characters With Feats Please
  • Verse Equallization e.g. Tobi Can Get Hit With Haki & Genjutsu Does Not Automatically = Win, + more

My Team Vs Yours








Killer B



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Tobi being hit by haki isn't verse equalization but really a nerf since only one character in narauto (Naruto) has been able to hit him. Also you have Kuzan on your team but your whole one piece team doesn't consist of marines.
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@taichokage: Kuzan recently resigned to the Marines after a battle with Akainu


You're breaking your own rules having Whitebeard and Minato Namikaze in the team, as both are deceased.

Gol d. Roger

Silvers Rayleigh


A (Raikage)




Might Guy



Post by One_Piece_God (591 posts) See mini bio Level 8

@taichokage:Kuzan is not a marine anymore :|

@Batsu: Crap lol my bad..I will adjust

But your also braking the rules, you can't have Rayleigh & Zoro & you can only have 2 people from kakashi's team & i'm pretty sure Naruto, Guy & Kakashi are all kage lvl & Roger has no visible feats

I know my restrictions are harsh lol

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You didn't address the first part of my post and why can't he have Rayleigh and Zoro? Apparently you are going merely by what a character currently is and not what they have pre dominantly been. Rayleigh is no longer a first mate so it should be okay.
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@One_Piece_God: Batsu is my alt.

I can have Rayleigh and Zoro even if Rayleigh was still a First Mate, as Zoro isnt officially the First Mate and you said 1 Straw Hat (Zoro) 1 First Mate (Rayleigh)

I could choose Luffy and still be right as you placed the Mugiwara as a different category than captain and first mate

In the ninja department you said

1 Kage (A)

Naruto or Sasuke (Naruto)

2 Kage Lvl Ninja (Kakashi and Guy)

And you said 2 of each 3 man team (If you say 3 man I'm not counting the jonin, only the genin/chunin/jonin under their command)

Modifiy it too 4-man team and I'll gladly change it....

Also can you repeat? as you changed the 4th Hokage to Shikamaru when I already used him, in the case we can repeat I can make some changes...

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