Okuyasu Nijimura vs Yamamoto Genryusai

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1. Yamamoto starts out in his Bankai

2. Okuyasu has Josuke's intelligence

3. Battle take place in Soul Society

4. Fighters are 50 feet apart

5. No reitsu crush

6. Vanilla Ice may be entered if Okuyasu can't win on his own


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The only problem I see for Okuyasu is the intense heat, he is a normal human with Stand powers, Yamamoto's heat was dryin up everything, Okuyasu would have to end the match fast for him to win, otherwise he simply dies from a heat stroke. Other than that he would win since his Stand was able to fight on par with Josuke's FTL Stand, it can also erase space meaning Yamamoto's defense is useless, add in that Okuyasu can freely erase the space around him to teleport or draw Yamamoto closer and then wipe off his head. Or Okuyasu could simply wipe away space and take Yamamoto's zanpakuto and erase it and then that will make it easier for him.

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Guy is from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure right? I've been meaning to read it. I heard it a powerful manga and one of the most popular of all time. Based on what I just heard, Yamaji has a good shot at losing and that says a lot as he is among the strongest characters in Bleach.
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@taichokage: i am reading it right now and so far not bad

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Thanks. I think it will be next on the list. In the power 6 outside the HST, which were my main ongoing reading materials, one is over, another is on a frequent massive hiatus and the third moves at a snails pace averaging just over a chapter a month. I need something new.
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@Phoenix_Wright: Darn...

@SMXLR8: @taichokage: Yes it is amazing, the fights are so cool and creative, but yes once part 3 starts they get really broken, like Infinite speed and power broken :p

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