Obito Uchiha vs Jiraiya and Orochimaru

Topic started by GoldenStar66 on Feb. 26, 2013. Last post by ALMIGHTY 2 years ago.
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The fight takes place in the Hidden Rain Village.  
They are in character. 
Win by Death. 
No prep. 
Standard weaponry. 
Who wins? 
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I'll say Obito.

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Obito. He is gonna take them out since they don't have the mean to stop him from warping and attacking them. Even if they did somehow, he has izanagi to use.
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Actually maybe the duo could win now. Orochimaru has Hashirama DNA and his hands back now. He was seemingly so satisfied with his Senju boost that he finally abandoned his sharingan plan. But at the same time it is Obito. I could see it going either way. I might even still give the edge to Obito.
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Obito but i think it would be hard too kill Orochimaru now that he has Senju DNA.

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Obito could win this but then again he'd be fighting two very high level and intelligent shinobi so there's a good chance he could lose too.

Jiraiya has his sage chakra and could use it to sense where Obito is if he's teleporting around and Orochimaru has senju DNA now which should give some fairly hax abilities.

I believe that because of who Orochimaru and Jiraiya are, they could scrape out a win here.

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orochimaru edo tensei = GG

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I'm leaning towards team 2.

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Kamui and Izanagi will be the deciding factor here...

No matter what they do the only way the will hurt Obito is by using kamui to catch him...

The only reason Konan caught him is because he wasn't expecting a fight here im assuming he will be....

And even if he is caught in something Izanagi will solve EVERYTHING...

Obito takes this 7/10 times and thats being generous...

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