Nine Tailed Naruto vs Blackbeard

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Battle takes place in a dessert, at night. Naruto's fox eyes are efficient. win by death. Naruto wins in my opinion.

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Dessert? Oh, well Luffu would just come and eat the battlefield so there would be no fight. Lol, I know you mean desert. I'd still give it to Blackbeard though. His quakes are probably more damaging than a biju Dana and he can spam them with no end. Naruto's got him by a landslide in speed but it wouldn't matter much because Blackbeard could just gravitate Naruto to him if he wanted to stop his movement or close the gap. Plus Blackbeard is a tank when it comes to taking damage. Not a bad fight though. I don't think it is totally one sided.
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@taichokage: *Luffy*

How do you correct his spelling and mess up your own? lol

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@UltimateHero0406: @taichokage: LOL you guys.

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@SpeedForceSpider said:

@UltimateHero0406: @taichokage: LOL you guys.


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BlackBeard takes this with a bit of ease. He is a bad guy and unlike whitebeard he wont be afraid to kill some innocents or wreck terrain to pieces with the quakes. While naruto tries to avoid the quakes he can just prepare he black hole and suck naruto in and never let him out. The bomb is non factor here because a quake can destroy it and he can just suck it into his devil fruit. He has two forms of defense against naruto's most dangerous attack. Possible the only one that can stop him as well.

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I don't think people realise how powerful Naruto in Fox mode really is. First of all Naruto has insanely high durability, i'll give you a list of feats:

  • Oro sword of Kusangi wasn't able to penetrate Kuramas chakra cloak.
  • Naruto tanked direct hits from the lava bijuu user and the steel bijuu user whilst suffering no damage.
  • Naruto survived Pains Chibaku Tensei without any damage thanks to Kurama.
  • He also survived Saikens Alkaline attack without any damage.

Strength feats:

  • He threw one of Pains summons in the air like a rag doll when in Sage mode.
  • He was also able to prevent Son Goku from cushing him with his teeth when he was nearly out of chakra.
  • Whilst in full Fox mode, he threw the bijuu around like they nothing.
  • He knocked over the bijuu by just shouting at them in Fox mode.
  • He created shockwaves by waving his hand in four tails form.
  • He knocked away five mountain busting attacks without breaking a sweat.

Speed feats:

  • He blitzed Oro in three tail form and threw him through the forrest.
  • He was able to dodge a fully charged up Raikage with ease.
  • He moved so fast when deflecting the bijuu bombs that Kakashi and Gai weren't able to see him.

And talk about range of moves, Naruto has about a dozen different Rasengan and Rasenshuriken moves (an attack which damages at a cellular level). Plus he has the bijuu bomb, and he can create sage clones when in his Fox form. Plus he has massive healing abilities thanks to Kurama, and he has the ability to create numerous arms in Fox mode and attack from different angles.

BB is a powerful character, but he isn't stronger than Naruto and Kurama combined.

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Oooh I'm embarrassed about that one. Shouldn't have edited it.
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BlackBeard takes it in my book. Gravitation, Black Holes, Quakes, Insane Durability, Not the fastest but his Control of Gravity will more than make up for it, He also has much greater destructive force versatility. He should definitely take the Majority here.

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I'd actually argue for BM Naruto here. Reason being a gigantic multi-mountain BD is going to kill Blackbeard. His option of winning is if 1. his block holes are big enough to swallow up the BD and 2. if he can get close enough to quake Naruto without getting BD'ed again.

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But he doesn't have to be close to use a quake on Naruto and even if he cant absorb the Biju Dama with his darkness, his quake could cancel it out or deflect it or cause it to explode long before it got near Teach. Any of those would do.
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Naruto is very powerful but BlackBeard took a quake to the face and didn't die. WhiteBeard's quakes shift the earth's plates and at his weakest moments split an island in two. BlackBeard now has this and is evil so wouldn't hesitate to destroy Naruto and his entire village. People keep forgetting that Naruto durable and One Piece durable are two whole different things. At most Naruto has mountain busters unless he develops that new technique which I think will probably be a city buster. However BlackBeard is now a possible life wiper. The only thing stopping him is the fact that he has to live on the planet too.

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BB wins it, he can absorb the bijuu bomb and send it back. or just quake him

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yeah blackbeard wins, naruto may be able to take on luffy, but teach is too much.

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Naruto could easily BFR BB, but the OP states that you can only win via killing the opponent, that may be a problem for Naruto.

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Don't see how Naruto could even do that. He's not a teleporter, nor does be have megaton levels strength to punch BB far enough to be considered BFR.
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Naruto's strength is always underrated.

In 3 tails form he blitzes Oro and throws him through a forrest.

When he fought Pain, he threw one of the summons in sage mode who took 4 pages to come down. The summons weighed at least 40-50 tons.

He also threw around the bijuus in Fox mode, who must weigh in excess of 100 tons.

He can either use his superior speed, clones or chakra arms to BFR BB.

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i believe that blackbeard would win....

kirisute gomen


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@taichokage: naruto has use the flying thunder god which is a teleportation justus and it cost not a lot of his charkra plus he has mad charkra and lots of clones i see naruto only wining if he hits him with the rasegan shuriken that he could use his clones to confuse him then he hits him with hit but on power bb can destroy more than naruto but it takes him longer to use his moves were naruto can use his a lot faster. even if he uses that pull move of his naruto can throw his attack or teleport away or use a lot of clones to blitz him but bb probably got better with his abilities so i think it would be better to wait and see.

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Blackbeard takes this easily.

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