Nightmare vs Sasuke (Pre-MS)

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Nightmare vs Pre-MS Sasuke

Sasuke has all abilities that he had during the Itachi fight

No genjutsu

No mindfuck

Speed can be made equal but I'm fairly sure both are pretty much super sonic+, Sasuke's not shown to be anything faster than this and Nightmare via powerscaling.

Who wins?

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Some info on Nightmare? I never gave SC the slightest chance.

You're a 3D fighting game and want to get my attention? It's like a gypsy is trying to seduce Hitler, not gonna end well.

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Lol, well he's pretty powerful. He's been shown to summon lightening, he uses it in a few of his moves although it's nowhere near the level of Kirin. He can generate giant shockwaves and he easily took out an entire legion/army of soldiers by himself. He's easily a bullet timer, most of the SC cast are (Mitsurugi was shown to be able to dodge rifle round in Soul Blade and Ivy dodged Cervantes bullets from close range). In the SC4 opening he can generate fire, hot enough to stop Siegfried from freezing over an entire tower and to create a giant flame on top of the tower.

3 mins in.

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Ah Soul Calibur. One of the best fighting games I've played. Yeah uh Sasuke destroys.

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With speed equalized I honestly think it could either way. Perhaps that's just my inner Soul Calibur fan and disliking for Naruto speaking though; feel free for someone to proof me wrong.

Also what's the state of knowledge? That's probably a considerable factor of this fight.

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Seeing as he's decent enough i'm gonna go with him as his opponent is... Sasugay.

But Sasuke might go Kirin on his ass which could be a problem.

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