Natsu Vs Enel

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@ImDictatorBowDown: Yes, Enel should actually win, but it wouldn't be a stomp like others think.. Natsu also has a semi-haki like sensing with his Nose + ears which keeps him from being blitzed all the time.. and since Natsu is lightning and heat resistant, Enel might need to go close quarters to fight, which gives Natsu a shot at winning if he catches Enel..

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@Haiken: Well, it isn't a horrid stomp like others stated but Enel still even in close quarters probably holds the upper hand, he's physical stronger than Natsu and can likely deal pretty good damage with blunt force alone. Natsu's best bet would be to attack all out from the start in the hopes that Enel still believes in his logia invulnerability, but once he figures out he can be hit, the chances of Natsu winning drop drastically.

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@ImDictatorBowDown: Probably true.. But if natsu connects at close range, it would also deal a good amount of damage.. He's a wall buster at close range.. and natsu's durability is pretty high, tanking the Holy nova that made a huge and deep hole in the arena.. but most likely Enel would be able to dodge natsu at close quarters..

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Enel got this, IMO.

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Ok, Do you know how Stupid sound the phrase "is Slowly for he not is faster than the eye can see"? Natsu Fight whit Jerall, and He´s Meteor can Faster than the Eye see, Natsu Fight vs Laxus and he too demostrate that Speed, that visual effect is only that, visual effect, whitouth data official you can´t affirmate that for the other character.

Natsu is too much powerfull and he can demostrate whit his feats.

Oh and for the image in the initial post, Your Serius? Natsu not demostrate fear in front Acnologia, not demostrate fear fron Dorma Anime, he no demostrate fear in front the Dragons, bu, only for that image you demostrate your inmadurity.

In speed, Natsu can hit missiles in fly, hecoul avoid Laxu´s beam, in the Battle versus Sting, he can surphase the speed from Him, and he can move fasther than eye can See Too.

Physical. Well, What Feat demostrate more power for Enel? He did not demonstrate to load tons of weight, or destroy whit only a punch big areas, and he can't demostrate anything. He only depend of his Devil Fruit. Natsu can load Rocks and Machines to much heavier, he can destruy to much area whit a Punches and his powers, he cant battle mode, and whit the Rayenryuu he can use the Laxus Speed.

Well, At least there are persons that if they catch the royal idea and they are not left to go for concepts badly informed

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