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Who would win this fight? I say Naruto would smack him. The only thing Ichigo has on him is speed. Then again Naruto isn't a slow guy, he's on par with Minato the yellow flash who moves instantly due to the flying thunder god. People would say "Oh he's invisible". Naruto is one of the best sensor manga has seen. He sensed his way out of a room where ALL chakra is blocked and he could definitely sense Ichigo. In terms of strength, Naruto is a bloody powerhouse. In his nine tails mode, the guy had so much power he had to train not to break bricks, are you kidding me? If Naruto hits Ichigo with the TBB he's over, then again if Ichigo can get his bankai together then who knows. This is my opinion guys, what do you think? If this is the wrong section I'm sorry, I'm new.

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Battles go in the battle forum.

Also, what Ichigo are we talking about? Fuzed Zanpakuto Ichigo would slaughter any version of Naruto:

Normal Ichigo+Hollow Mask (not Hollow Ichigo though) would probably have a tough time battling current Naruto but i think he could prevail. I think his stamina is higher and he could already move at speeds that look like teleportation while Naruto just learned this. Plus he can fly, although Naruto does things that look like flying too.

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Current Ichigo still seems above Naruto imo even though we haven't seen him do much lately.....which is kinda meh.

But since the whole yamamoto vs Juha Bach fiasco has been settled now we can go back to who ever has that sword to Urahara's neck......

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This battle has been done to death, Welcome to the Vice and be sure to use the search function.
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