Naruto vs. The growing gauntlet

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Naruto (gets 5 minutes to prepare)


1.) Sakura

2.) Neji

3.) Rock Lee

4.) Shikamaru

5.) Choji

6.) Guy

7.) Tsunade

8.) Kakashi

9.) Jiraiya

Rest 10 minutes

10.) Sasuke (Pre-EMS)

This gauntlet works on the principle that once the current fighter gets in serious trouble the next one jumps in.(i.e. once Sakura gets in trouble, Neji jumps in to save her). This is a continuous fight so Naruto gets no rest.HOWEVER an exception is made for the final fight where he gets 10 minutes to heal and prepare for Sasuke. Fight take place where the

Chunin exams were held. So does he make it through or is to much for him? And if so when does it gets to much for him?

Side Note - speed can be equal to be fair , standard equipment for all

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Naruto one shots everyone except Sasuke.

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Naruto one shots everyone including Sasuke.
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naruto takes on everyone at the same time but sasuke lol freaking kurama took down konoha even with the third and fourth hokage there i dont see why he couldnt do it again .

more so with naruto.

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