Naruto vs Sir Crocodile

Topic started by DarkScarecrow on Feb. 16, 2013. Last post by SpeedForceSpider 2 years, 1 month ago.
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This Naruto from the beginning of Shippuden. 
The fight takes place in Konoha. 
Both are in character. 
No prep. 
Standard winning conditions. 
Who wins?

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Start of Shippuden Naruto? Crocodile should win. This level of Naruto doesn't really have anything to put Crocodile down because he's a logia. If it were current Naruto, I'd assume that a full power biju dama or other very high caliber attacks could work since the power and heat from such a large attack could probably mess up Crocodile's sand particles, such as melting them or dispersing them too much. But this stage Naruto doesn't have that, unless Crocodile somehow allowed him to go 4 tails which might be strong enough.
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@taichokage: What should I do to make this fair?
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I agree with what he said. Maybe with 4 tails it would even the playing field.

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