Naruto vs Kakashi, jiraya and iruka

Topic started by rein on Nov. 14, 2009. Last post by Andras 5 years, 3 months ago.
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In all honesty I cant see Naruto using the Fox to aid him, unless he is near death, then the kyuubi will come out on its own accord due to the fact if its host dies it dies. But Naruto using its power willingly is something that will never happen, he seems to prefer his own power. The only time the fox has shown itself after the time skip were against a man who took Naruto blamed for Sasuke leaving and against someone who killed his godfather and destroyed his village. Even then both Jiraiya and kakashi have the means of stopping his transformations before they reach 4 tails. With teamwork it is something they can easily accomplish.
Iruka should not even be in this battle, he's basically their as a punching bag. Tis really depends is bloodlust on? And are they acting out of character?
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