Naruto vs Jin

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The fight takes place in Konoha.  

No prep.   

Morals are on.  

Win by K.NOCK OUT. 
Who wins? 

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I think Naruto would win after a good fight. But Jin can get quite a bit of altitude so hopefully, Naruto can catch him while he's within range.

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I'm going with Jin he is A class demon by eos.

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He was middle S class in the manga, that makes Jin > Sensui who would stomp the holy hell out of Naruto

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Jin wins I guess. Dark tourney Jin gets stomped tho.
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Pretty much^. By feats Naruto wins but by confirmed power level, Jin was somewhere between 2-3 times Sensui's level if I recall correctly. And Sensui is the guy who can pulverize a mountain with the shockwave of his punch. Yeah Jin should win.
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