naruto vs ichigo vs luffy

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@JonSmith said:

@Destinyheroknight: Not necessarily. Final Getsuga Tensho is the move he uses to combine with Zangetsu to launch the FGT. He has no feats moving around using the form, so it is just a technique he uses. Naruto's Nine Tails Mode is stated specifically to be a mode, same with Nightmare Luffy, though he isn't being used here. FGT is not, in my books, a mode. Post-Dangai, definitely. Final Getsuga Tensho? Technique, not mode.

@taichokage said:

I don't consider FGT Ichigo his peak form. 1 it was merely a form he needed to execute a particular move. 2 he has no feats in that form to prove that he is at his best there. His best feats are from his Dangai form. Think about it. If Naruto or anyone else has a better shot at beating his FGT form rather than his Dangai form, isnt that indirectly saying that his Dangai form as a whole is stronger or at least more effective? (which it certainly was). Besides, even if FGT form is Ichigo at his best, he doesn't actually lose his powers until he uses mugetsu.

That's exactly what it is, thank you guys.

Ichigo wins either way.

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@JonSmith said:

@tronboy: Either present evidence and a counterargument, or please be quiet. We get your opinion already: You think Naruto would win this. You repeatedly saying it is not pushing your case forward.

@Hellos said:

I honestly can't remember how it was depicted in the manga, but I thought he just grabbed his face and leaped away from the town to somewhere empty. No idea how far away it was or if it was flash-step. Regardless, the beast bomb's potential destructive range is absolutely absurd, so I'm not entirely convinced he can.

Considering the speed with which the ground was covered, it's safe to assume it was a flash step: Aizen didn't have time to react or break free, so it had to be absurdly fast. Whether it was actually flash step or not, it was quick enough to cover that much ground in an instant, so it's a safe bet to assume Ichigo could cover at least that range with ease. Even if Naruto's Beast Bomb is a mountain buster, Ichigo could presumably avoid it, if not kill Naruto as he charged it, and then launch a counter attack.

@Destinyheroknight said:

FGT is Ichigo at his peak

Perhaps, but that is just a technique, not necessarily a state of being. It's essentially just Ichigo becoming cloaked in the move, then launching it. I' d taken Ichigo post-Dangai training as his peak as an actual state. So the feats for that are what I'm using as reference.

Honestly given the physical stat upgrade he had, it could have been just his physical jumping speed. It's not like the Hulk knows flash step, but the guy can leap straight into jets and over mountains making remarkably good time(Not saying Ichigo is as strong as the Hulk mind you, just using it as an example). Naruto's Beast Bomb matched a multi-mountain beast bomb for power, so I'd say its face to assume it's a mountain buster given it's previous showings alone before the tailed beasts leveled a bunch of mountains or their combined attack leveled most of them around the area. I don't know about kill Naruto while he charges it, the Kyuubi's new form should be tremendously more powerful than his previous states where he face tanked his own beast bomb and he did a pretty solid job of deflecting multiple mountain busters in one go to boot.

@JonSmith said:

@Destinyheroknight: I hate to say it like this, because it makes me sound unnecessarily stubborn and unwilling to accept counterarguments, but I will continue to maintain that the Final Getsuga Tensho is a technique, not a mode. It may appear so because he changes his appearance, but that appearance is merely the preface to the technique, which is subsequently released after the attack. Since Ichigo displayed no ability to move or perform any attack aside from that technique while in that form, I will continue to say it is merely a technique, not a mode, and consider all statements of 'FGT Ichigo' to mean what I define as 'Post-Dangai Training' Ichigo. Ichigo displayed no increased abilities while using the Final Getsuga Tensho, aside from that one shot blast...

If you really wish to continue to dispute this, do you think we can make a separate thread about it on Ichigo's page, put it to a vote for others to decide? I'll make the thread myself, if you like, but it seems ever so slightly off topic here.

From what I remember, Ichigo lost his spiritual pressure in exchange for a complete physical state upgrade when going into that form. It's clear that he received quite a power upgrade, unless you mean the long flowing black haired Ichigo is FGT form.

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FGT is Ichigos' final form hence why he lost his powers. He became one with his sword to gain the ultimate power but at a sacrifice. But anyways Ichigo wins this fight, until Naruto turns into the SO6Ps God, and Luffy becomes a haki master.

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naruto in beast mode takes luffy and ichigo with the beast mode
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Nah Naruto in beast mode would be able to put up a fight with Ichigo, but he can only last 5 mins in that mode so it puts him at a big disadvantage. I don't think people are giving Luffy enough credit (he won't win but stiil), if he lands one of these someone could be in trouble:

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@JonSmith: It supports mine more than it does yours. My point was that it is assumed that invisibility/intangibility are off, as having both or either would mean Ichigo murderstomps and the fight becomes silly.

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if its everyone in their strongest forms then ichigo would win without using mugetsu. casual sword swings would take out either of them with ease, not to mention he can fly.

but if its the forms currently posted. idk

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@FormerCrimsonKing: Not really. Remember Luffy dodged Mihawks swing at point blank range and look at what damage that swing did:

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This is actually a very good match-up. 
Speed: Ichigo > Luffy > Naruto 
Physical Strength: Luffy > Naruto > Ichigo 
Destructive Capacity: Naruto > Ichigo > Luffy 
Durability: Ichigo > Naruto > Luffy 
I would say Ichigo wins  
followed by Naruto.  
But if Naruto lets of a Mountain Buster and it connects then he wins.
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Hollow Ichigo thanks to his healing factor.

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I'm so confused why do people think Naruto has any chance of defeating Ichigo.

Is it because of the biju bomb attack that will never land a direct hit or is Naruto able to spam biju bombs or is there some secret that people know that will give Naruto the victory in this match?

I'm not even 100% convinced that current Naruto or Luffy could defeat Hollow Ichigo let alone Dangai Ichigo.

I really thought people on vice had more common sense than this.

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I really thought people on vice had more common sense than this.

They just have a different opinion then you, not about common sense

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@All_StarSupes: what does that have to do with tanking anything? he wont see the shockwaves coming, just ichigo swing his sword from a distance

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I think it'll be very close but Ichigo will win. All the main guys in HST are pretty powerful nowadays.

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  1. Ichigo
  2. Kuffy
  3. Naruto


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1. naruto

2. ichigo

3. luffy

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In those categories I would say Strength: Ichigo, Luffy, Naruto. Speed: Ichigo, Luffy, Naruto (this one is unclear though). Destruction: Naruto, Ichigo, Luffy. Durability: Ichigo, Luffy, Naruto. I see it being Ichigo > Naruto > Luffy. But I feel that these rankings could change in the near future. Luffy will show what he can really do post time skip eventually, Ichigo is bound to get stronger (we all know this) and Naruto is going to be able to go full 9 tails soon .
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How can Ichigo get stronger than the FGT??? And there is noway Naruto is last in strength, speed and durability, given that he has the power of the nine tails fox.

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Based on feats:

Physical Strength. Luffy > Ichigo > Naruto

Speed. Ichigo >> Naruto ≥ Luffy

Durability. Ichigo >> Naruto ≥ Luffy

Destructive Capacity. Naruto > Ichigo >> Luffy... Under 5mins or so I believe Luffy can destroy half an island with elephant gun gatling.. Naruto has not been shown being able to spam biju bombs.. Ichigo hmm I can't remeber a great destructive feat from him.

Stamina. Luffy ≥ Ichigo ≥ Naruto

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How can Ichigo get stronger than FGT? I guarantee you he will. If the new antagonist is stronger than Aizen which is most likely, Ichigo will need to be stronger to defeat him. Bleach is predictable like that and shonen anime is always like that.
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