Naruto vs. black star

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these two are very similar in a concept, but of course they have different techs, we have Black Star from soul eater who has a changing weapon and a high soul capability with access to his fey blade, while naruto is from his own show where he has his rasengan, multi shadowclone and a little access to his demon fox.
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Honestly, I'd side with Black Star. If you're going as far as current version of BS versus only moderately tailed Naruto, I think he wins on sheer power... but, I think in general he has an advantage. His general good nature would probably make getting Naruto getting serious harder.
Black Star's general attitude is very disarming, but he's highly effective, and would be able to cripple Naruto early if he didn't treat the affair seriously.
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@John_Martone: checked the latest chapter yet John?
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i am going with black star here
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@cfatalis: he's more lethal in killing prescision
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Black Star will win 


Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,185 posts) See mini bio Level 14
Black Star is the more BIG!!!!!! in this Battle, against Naruot pre-kyubbi he beats the living daylight...
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hell ya blackstar!
his blitz should beat naruto to the ground.
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