Naruto Uzumaki vs. Ggio Vega

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 Naruto Uzumaki
 Naruto Uzumaki
 Ggio Vega
 Ggio Vega
I wanted to try something different for a change. I mean we've all seen Naruto vs. Ichigo or Goku vs. Superman fights but there are plenty of minor characters that never get put into play.
Anyways, Ggio Vega reminds me somewhat of Naruto appearance-wise especially when he is in his first released form, of course this could be because Tite Kubo intended for Ggio to not only be the Arrancar equivalent to Soi Fon but a minor Naruto clone. 
Either that or because they both have wiskers...kind of. But putting that aside does Barragan Luisenbarn's faithful and ferocious Fracción have what is required to bring Uzumaki to his knees or is he doomed to fail?
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Naruto will need a tail at least
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@Nerx said:
" Naruto will need a tail at least "
ya, seriously, Ggia is really fast and can cut naruto at any time with his speed and strength. maybe 1 0r 2 tails. 3 may be pushing it to far.
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I agree. Naruto would need some tails if he hopes to beat any high level bleach character.
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