Naruto Sage Mode vs. Hollow Ichigo

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What if these two were to meet? Who would win this awesome fight?  
Also, for all intense and purposes, Naruto can see Ichigo, and Naruto is able to kill him.

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Naruto is smarter so i am giving it to him
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Hollow ichigo's speed is to great for Naruto to contend with.
He also has a much greater destructive ability, and it appears his stamina has greatly improved. 
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Ichigo would destroy Naruto. Far greater speed, flight, greater destruction etc.
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ichigo has flight, & more destructive force
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@FormerCrimsonKing: yes he does. not to mention superior speed and endurance.
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What's with all of the sudden spite thread lately? Anyway Ichigo wins with relative ease.
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Ichigo curbstomps..... he would own Naruto anytime.....
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Ichigo has the advantage of flight. 
Naruto has the advantage in lifting strength, in terms of striking strength though I would say they are near even.  
While Naruto can use bunshins and substitutions to set up (or throw) the cellular level Futon Rasenshuriken (or alternatively use multiple giant sage rasengans) Ichigo's getsuga tensho's are more easily spamable, and have a larger blast radius.  
In terms of durability, Ichigo has incredible super durability, but Naruto also has greatly increased durability and healing in sage mode, and sage mode allows him to feel little pain. 
Speed wise both are fast, yet lack a definitive marker to set their movement speed at. If I had to ball park It I would put both at faster than sound speeds. Naruto and Bleach characters far slower than Naruto and Ichigo have dodged pressurized water that was capable of slicing through rock and steel. (indicating mach velocities) injured Itachi was able to react to, but not move out of the way of, lightning which traveled hundreds of times the speed of sound. Itachi may be faster than sage mode Naruto, but its equally likely that sage mode puts Naruto's speed and reaction above Itachi's, especially while injured. Gin was stated to have a bankai extending sword speed of mach 500, and while Ichigo indicated this was to fast for him to contend with, he did manage to just barely react and parry it. Now Gin said he was lying about it's speed, but his zanpaktou was still shown to extend a very far distance (13 km, if that was not part of the lie) in a matter of seconds, so it is still possible that Gin's sword does extend many times the speed of sound. That being said Ichigo does seem to be a good bit faster with the rapid use of his shunpo (and even sonido) than Naruto, though this may be indicative more of animation style then explicit speed feats, as at times Naruto characters are animated with similar speed lines, as when using the fliker technique. Overall I give Ichi a fairly good edge in this area. 
Naruto does have ways to win this, his FRS would kill Ichi and Naruto's punches would do critical damage. If he plays it extremely smart and connects he could win. 
However the more likely scenario is Ichi uses his superior airborne speed and spams getsuga's FTW. 
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@hitsusatsu11: nice assessment there but i don't think it was a completely necessary. Naruto is fast but only by naruto standards. He has barely if ever demonstrated any kind of real dashing or shunpo like movement whereas ichigo excels there being fast even by bleach standards. Strength, Naruto has greater lifting feats than ichigo but really nobody in bleach has lifting feats (except for komamura). His actual attacks strength though appears to be superior to naruto's. Then there's endurance. Technically naruto can only maintain sage mode for a couple minutes without prep whereas Ichigo can stay in bankai for hours now. Even at half reiatsu he can easily maintain bankai. Then there's the flight advantage. I don't think I need to go into detail here. Then there's the duarability. Naruto characters typically depend on defense jutsu's or dodging to survive things. Whenever they are hit head on by a notable attack they are severely injured or they die right away. But bleach characters tend to tank major attacks and continue to fight. Ichigo himself is a good example of this. The only thing I'd say they are relatively close in is energy projection. Naruto's are harder to spam but I'd say overall they are actually more powerful than ichigo's.
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@taichokage said:

" The only thing I'd say they are relatively close in is energy projection. Naruto's are harder to spam but I'd say overall they are actually more powerful than ichigo's. "

I'd say they are more powerful in a concentrated way, though Ichi's have the larger blast area and therefore probably can destroy things on a larger scale, it might cause more damage (hurt more) to get hit with the FRS. 
As for speed im not sure, I know Ichi is animated as faster, but animation style doesn't mean much without a benchmark feat or statement. 
I was pissed off that Gin was lying about his awesomely fast bankai that would have set bleach characters like Yamma, Ichi and Aizen at +mach 500. That would have allowed Bleach speeds to be more concrete and allow an argument to be made that they could match and beat Negima, SDK, and some GB characters. 
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@hitsusatsu11: same here. I wish that some anime were more detailed in attributes. For instance HXH dashing doesn't look too much slower than DBZ level dashing but we know for a fact that most HXH characters are < mach 1 as Natero's greater than mach 1 speed was considered a legendary or great feat. Whereas a character like Goku traveled the distance of one planet side to the other in less than a second. Perhaps it will be more accurate later or maybe when Kubo makes the third handbook, he will have the details of Gin's bankai speed so we can know if he was truly lying or not and if so by how much.
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Ichigo can fly run faster than Naruto can see and one getsuga tenshou would slice sage mode in half and you didnt put if Naruto had clones  of sage because if time runs out Naruto dies in 2 seconds if Ichigo's mask breaks it not going to change much
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ichigo kills naruto
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@SilverGalford said:
" ichigo kills naruto "
thank you.
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 thank you.  

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actually if naruto get's into full nine tails cloak and turn into the demon fox itself also add to that narutos powers(no sage mode) without the tailed beast cause it still was narutos body that is transformed. I think he would stand a chance against the latest version of hallow ichigo. and as we all know the kyubi has enfinete chakra, so he can keep spamming giant rasen-shorekens at him or more. but since the picture in the first post is showing the oldest weak regular mask hollow ichigo(which I thing he ment him then) naruto wins cause this hallosw version can't resist anythin nuke level. I dare ya to prove me wrong.

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Full kyubi mode Naruto might be able to beat h1 ichi, but he's got a long way to go if he's going to match FGT Mugetsu. 
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@Rapest_of_super_heros: and his nukes are very slow to even tag ichigo
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Hollow Ichigo has a huge speed advantage.  Maybe not a power advantage as far as how hard he can punch and kick, but he's a lot faster.  Plus he can fly and shoot ceros.  Plus, Sage Naruto is strong but not end all be all meanwhile Hollow Ichigo beat the crap out of everyone he fought and never looked like he was trying too hard, and he's fought some insanely high level opponents.  The only one Sage Naruto fought against was Pain... who he couldn't beat using Sage Mode alone.
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