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I need somebody to tell me what type of powers naruto character dont have because they pretty much have every type of power fire , water , earth , air , lightning , ice , lava , metal , intangible , super strength , super speed , mind control , flight , shapeshifting , clones , levitation , super stretch and ETC................... Find a power they dont have because they practicaly have all power because of chakra. Once you have chakra you could practicaly do anything.

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No most characters can only use a couple of elements, a few can use more than couple. It's better to have a strong bloodline rather than extra elements anyway.

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I've never seen laser eye beams I guess lol.

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Are you try to compare to burning your cosmos to chakra? O.O

Yeah, I'd like to watch Naruto move faster than light, destroy atoms, astral bfr, or absorb solar energy!

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@5th: Who's that guy?

About the abilities though, minato teleports, tsushikage has atomic dismantling, tobi can bfr dimensionally and zetsu being a plant may absorb solar energy :D

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@PrinceAragorn1: Still not FTL

And that's Lionet Souma

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