Naruto (pein arc) vs Rob lucci

Topic started by othus12 on March 9, 2013. Last post by 2ndchallenge 2 years ago.
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fight at enies lobby

naruto can refill his sennin mode the same number of times he could with pein

morals on

no PIS


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Well, Lucci should be faster, I can't say by how much but I wanna say it's not enough to speedblitz, could be wrong there. Naruto has a better strength feat though, and I think if Naruto summons the toads to help him out he should win this with medium difficulty

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Exactly as YoungChief said. Man good post. I wanted to elaborate on the strength/speed differences and you touched on that too.
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id say with toads sage naruto wins, without naruto loses. lucci brings more striking power and possibly greater speed (although close) naruto couldnt tag him with his bigger moves like rasenshuriken, and would have to get close, and lucci is better at hand to hand easily

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Um.... Speed is no where near close at all... Lucci is far superior in speed than Sage Naruto.

But I do agree with toads Naruto wins, without them he loses...

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Lucci is probably faster, not fast enough to blitz Naruto though.

Naruto should win more times or not, especially with ma and pa toads.

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Naruto wins here with mid difficulty.
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Uhhh Rob Lucci dodged luffy's g2 punches which are hypersonic speeds, sage mode naruto easily gets blizted and also his insides smashed to bits by rokuougan

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