Naruto, Minato & Tobirama Vs Demon Eye Kyo

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Let's see how this battle plays out.

  • No holding back
  • Full power
  • KO/Death
  • Location - Konoha

Battle 1: Edo On & Prep

Battle 2: Edo Off & Speed Equal

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* Doesn't see speed equal

> Kyo speedblitzes. Mizuchi can cut them apart from the inside once his sword touches them or he can use Shin to put them in an illusion.

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@phantomrant: Illusions won't work on Naruto because he has control over Kurama, allowing him to break out of illusions (Similar to KB's relationship with the Hachibi.)

Battle One is a stomp, Tobirama and Minato are in Edo Form and I don't see what stops Tobirama from spamming consecutive blasts of paper bombs (Gojō Kibaku Fuda levels a small city), and plus you still have Naruto who can go RM to destroy Kyo.

Battle Two is a stomp if speed is equalized because Naruto has higher DC than Kyo and has higher durability in RM (Rikudou Mode.)

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Oh, looks like the OP has been editted. Kyo can do anything against Edos or speed equalized peeps who can contend with him in power and hax. He loses both.

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Edos can be mindfucked. Naruto is not an edo, but it takes absolutely no time for Kyo to blitz and chop off his head. Scenario 1 is a stomp in Kyo's favor.

Scenario 2 depends on which Naruto it is. RM is not even city level so he loses. BM on the other hand wins.

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