Nappa vs 4 Beast

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@Whats_out_the_bag: That makes no sense and is hardly an argument at all... what isn't out of his style? he can still blitz the shit out of the 4 beast and destroy them with a moon level attack which they haven't been seen capable of enduring such destructiveness.

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I'll probably come back after a nap, but until then.

1. DBZ characters use ki control to condence their ki attacks on a specific range or target, minimizing the explosion size.
2. When DBZ characters tank blasts they tend to absorb the majority of the force, minimizing the explosion size.

Bring some proof for thoses for me and I'll probably agree with you.

Even the Daizenshuu agrees with me in regards to moon level+ durability Raditz by stating that even 23rd BT Goku's Super KHHs were moon level:

Also have any scans of it destroying the moon, just want to see it for my self. I really couldn't give any damn about the Daizenshuu.

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@Whats_out_the_bag:Toriyama himself said ki control is very important:

What are the requirements for becoming strong?

Toriyama: There are physical limits to the strength of the body itself, so in order to overcome that barrier, it’s necessary to increase your “ki”. Normally, the more you increase your ki, the harder it is to control, so ki control is also important.

The Daizenshuu states that DBZ characters condence their ki attacks through ki control:

Big Bang Attack:

A ki wave which Vegeta fired at Artificial Human No. 19. This technique, which easily destroyed Artificial Human No. 19, could be called Super Saiyan Vegeta’s version of the Gyarik-ho. However, the differences between it and the Gyarik-ho are the ki’s shape and firing method. First, he sticks one hand out in front, then emits a ki blast from the palm of that hand. This ki is condensed down into one big lump and can deal heavy damage inside a specific range. This is in contrast with the Gyarik-ho, which attacks a wide range. After the Big Bang Attack was fired, the ground around where Artificial Human No. 19 stood was completely wiped out, as if it had been dug away. Such effectiveness made it Vegeta’s strongest attack at the time.

Goku was worried that if Freeza didn't take the majority of the Spirit Bomb's force it would destroy Namek:

Chapter: 314 (DBZ 120), P13.4-6

Goku: “I-I didn’t want to use this Genki-Dama. It will probably have too much force and squash the entire planet…But if I don’t defeat Freeza now, the universe itself will be in trouble…I don’t know if I’ll be able to pull this off right, but I’ve got to do it…You planets close to Namek! Give me just a little bit of your genki…!”

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You can post links to manga scans, but if the manga scans has watermarks, you break the rules. I'll remove your comments.

Sorry for bumping an old battle thread. Right now, I'm skimming any threads that has links to illegal scanlations sites and images that has watermarks.

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Nappa wins.

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