Nanashi (sword of the starnger) vs Kenshin (Trust and Betrayal)

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Kenshin Himura (Trust and Betrayal)
Kenshin Himura (Trust and Betrayal)

Morals OFF

Both Bloodlusted

To the death


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Nice battle.Traditional sword fights are quite rare on this site, you only get the super powered universe ending characters, or Naruto, One Piece battles. Glad you used the Trust and Betrayal Kenshin, he seemed more realistic, compared to his counterpart in the tv series, thus making it a better match against Nanashi. Now to the fight: i still give Kenshin the edge, if i remember correctly, the only time we saw Nanashi fight was at the end and though he showed great skill and and it was said that he was great swordsman, i stiil think Kenshin has more speed and not to mention that he was at his prime and a cold blooded killer without hesitation. At the end of Blood and Betrayal we see Kenshin, cutting through lines of enemy soldiers like butter. In the end, we didn't get to see Nanashi enough, but by going by his only fight against Luo-Lang, who was also a swordmaster and a monster , I could say Nanashi definitely has a shot. I can only go by feats and Kenshin has more, he survived ambushes by the most lethal people in Japan, when he had been months out of practice and badly injured, and still he continued on. The same could also be said about Nanashi, but as I said, I didn't see enough of him but he definitely has a shot, due to the skill level he displayed. Great similarities between both characters.


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@Fantasma: thanks. I was thinking the same thing so i decided to post a match like this. But Nanashi does have more fighting feats than his battle against luo lang as shown in this video:

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