Name anyone from Naruto who could take this guy out.

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Say hi to a walking, deadly biological weapon by the name of Nobuo Tanaka from the Stink Bomb short of Memories. After eating what he thought was cold medicine, Nobuo becomes a walking stench cloud whose odors can wreck havoc on electronics and knock out anyone into unconsciousness who gets in range of him and his odors. And even air masks aren't strong enough to filter out the immense odors his body gives off if you get too close to this guy. So to test out this guy's immense odors, I'd like anyone to think up of someone from Naruto who could outright kill him. To make this an interesting battle, there will be two scenarios for folks to judge the chances of anyone from Naruto taking this guy out: not being aware of Nobuo's stench and being aware of it to prepare against him. Have fun!

Nobuo Tanaka of Stink Bomb

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IDK, is there any person in naruto without a nose?
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