Name a character able to defeat Flandre Scarlet & why?

Topic started by Kaijuraptor on March 26, 2014. Last post by EVA_01 1 month ago.
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Alright i think i should stop now. I was just joking.

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@Saladking: ....In their own verse? sure, if they fought all the high tiers in their verse and never lost that would be true. Outside of their verse? .........boy where do I start......

So you're telling me The One Above All (Stan. not the Celestial) can't beat her?

You have two paths from here:

1. Answer yes and lose all your credibility.

2. Answer no and let me explain a few things to you that would hopefully help in understanding a LOT things.

Other than that, I have no more words.

EDIT: Aw Son of really got me XD

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Wow. You got me good.
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Lol now we can all agree Gio solos Touhou.

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@EVA_01: Hard to say when Watatsuki no Yorihime is apparently the ultimate Mary Sue of Touhou, having apparently fodderized Remelia, Sakuya, Reimu, and Marisa all at the same time.

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@CerusSerenade: Ehh I wouldn't really worry about any moon princess when I have Gold Experience Requiem. Gio with GER is practically invincible.

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