Nagato vs Movie Avengers

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Nagato at prime

has the abilites to use all six paths powers

Location: empty planet namek

blood lust

i believe nagato wins

explain your answer

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Explain to me how he gets passed the hulk?

I'll go with the hulk flexes his big toe and kills him.

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Hulk will get his soul taken out and die
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@tronboy: before or after iron man lets out a barrage of missiles killing them? Not to mention the fact that they have thor who can just shoot out lightening and kill them and hawkeye who is more than capable of sniping out of their view. They are just naruto characters lol. Their durability stops where hulks fist begin.

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@TheNeutralOne: LOL, Hawkeye. That was funny.

So anyway. This is pretty much Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man vs Nagato. Nagato has so many things that even Thor would have trouble with. Summoning multiple creatures including hydra dog, all mighty push, planetary destruction, soul stealing,, self healing, a butt load of jutsu, genjutsu. He could even read their minds and find out the others' weaknesses. I think Nagato takes the win.

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Movie versions don't do any hero over street level justice. Ordinarily the top 3 could solo, those being Thor, Hulk or Ironman. But honestly with movie versions, i see Pain taking out the lot of them.
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Hulk:Clap clap clap clap clap clap...

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@CerusSerenade: Movie Hulk's thunder clap is nothing special. All mighty push >>> thunder clap.

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@UltimateHero0406: Um hawkeyes explosive bow took out an entire section from the flying ship. Nagato can't survive such a blast considering they get injured by normal kunai in naruto.

Ironman's missiles will most definitely obliterate them exactly like it dat that swarm of aliens flying through the portal. He can read Ironman's mind all he wants he would probably die from the higher level of thoughts being processed that he could never understand. He can try get into the hulk's mind all he will see is rage and green. He probably wouldn't be able to see hawkeye considering he would probably hide and snipe but the girl dies though. And lol thor can destroy him. Nagato isn't making it out of this one. Nothing he can dish out can stop the hulk. And if you forgot hulk has a 100% better healing factor. On top of that the first time the hulk jumps into the air towards them and they try to play cool and he grabs one and crushes them by doing just that they will run with their tails between their legs.

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You're maxing up movie with comic man. Movie Avengers get raped here horribly.

And about the kunai thing... yeah just like DBGT characters get cut by glass.

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@Fehafare: Hulk solos end of story.

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@UltimateHero0406: Please call it Shinra Tensei, Allmighty push sounds lame

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If it's movie versions, then the only person that doesn't die is hulk because of his durability and healing. But still it goes to nagato.

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@TheNeutralOne: Haweye's arrow is not hitting Nagato. Kid Neji could dodge hundreds of arrows and other projectiles simultaneously shot at him. Nagato with the king of eye jutsu is not getting hit. He would probably catch it and throw it back at Hawkeye or simply dodge it, letting it fly right past him and move in on Hawkeye immediately because after 1 shot, he will know where Hawkeye is. And like I said, 1 all mighty push and Hawkeye and Black Widow die wherever they are. And Cap will join them soon after. Who says Hawkeye will even get the chance to hide? 1 good all mighty push and everything is gone. He destroyed the entire village with it. There was literally nothing left. There will be no hiding places if that happens. And did you forget that they will also have a horde of giant freak monsters to deal with as well? That plus a truck load of jutsu, genjutsu, and soul stealing is a bit much, even for them. Really, the only one who can win is Thor, but when he can be throw off by Cap's shield, his chances are slim.

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@UltimateHero0406: In a long fight yes captain americ, black widow and hawkeye will die but nagato has no win here. Monsters are gonna get 1 hit punched by hulk. He already did that to one of the monsters in the movie.

His clap is enough to send them hurling off their feet and if any of them take a blow from the hulk who they currently cannot kill they will die. Once again iron man can release a barrage of missiles which will kill them. And lol thor can just swoop in shoot lightening and eliminate them. Also captain americas shield is made of adamantium i believe and that is what wolverines claws were made of. The fact that they just hit thor and didnt even scratch him not forgetting that cap is superhuman in terms of strength and can break nagato only knocked him off his feet is a sign of how strong he is. Also hawkeye isn't some novice archer secret agent who is easily detected and nagato definitely doesn't have the byakugan so I don't understand your comparison. He can only see what his other parts see so If they don't see the arrow lol tough luck for him. Also if he catches it the arrow will explode in his face and incinerate him. You really are amping up nagato and decreasing the actual raw power of the movie avengers which can all 1hit kill nagato.

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Nagato would win because the movie Avengers do not standup against their comic book counterparts.

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Nagato uses Chibaku Tensei and it's over

It required a Beast Bomb (Mountain Buster), Rasen Rasengan Shuriken, and Itachi's Susano'o in order to break such a technique... (Note: Destroying a mountain requires more power than a city)

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@TheNeutralOne: Did you forget the hydra dog that just grows more heads the more you try to kill it? And like I said, this Hulk's thunder clap is nothing special. And since the op says that Nagato can use all of his powers, he can fire missiles as well.

Kakashi as a teenager blocked a full lightning bolt on less than half of his full power. Nagato could do something about an arrow. He is not getting hit by an arrow. I'm telling you, it's not going to happen. Even a lower level ninja could dodge something like that just by the sound of it flying through the air. He could knock it out of the air before it gets close with a kunai. He may even substitute out and catch one of them by surprise. And my question from before arises: Who says Hawkeye gets the chance to run and hide? One good jutsu and both he and BW die. Or he could just make clones and stomp them that way. Or he could just start off with Almighty Push and thin the herd that way. After that Hawkeye won't exist anymore. Possibly not even Cap.

And Nagato has plenty of ways to take them out. Not even Hulk has an answer for soul stealing in those big green fists. And on top of that, Planetary Destruction would take IM out. And if he did read IM's mind, he would have stats on his whole team. Nagato's mind is perfectly capable of processing Tony's thoughts. Tony is the one who can't make 6 bodies perform complex tasks simultaneously and process 6 sets of senses with perfect clarity.

With genjutsu, Nagato could probably even make them attack each other. I'm not under or overestimating anybody. I'm just not seeing how the Avengers win as easily as you say.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Eh, I like to use translations instead. Like instead of Ulquiorra's Lanza de Relampago, I just say Lightning Lances. Catchier.

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@UltimateHero0406: Lanza Relampago sounds freaking awesome (And I'm totally not partial because my mother language is spanhis)

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