Nagato vs 5 Kage

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Scenario 1: Nagato(healthy) vs 5 Kage

Scenario 2: Six Paths of Pain vs 5 Kage

Morals off

Distance: 50 meters apart

Who wins?

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Ahh, I thought this said Naruto.

I think Nagato loses both. Healthy Nagato hasn't done anything to impress me. He got his ass kicked quickly and promptly when he was a healthy infinite chakra non-crippled zombie and his only pre-Zombie healthy feats are beating up a bunch of crappy scrub level ninjas while failing to actually do anything to the one strong ninja that was there (Hanzo battle where Nagato's homeboy died)

I don't think the Six Paths could do anything against the Kages either. Almost all of them got solo'd by Sage Mode Naruto and I'd rate all of the Kage combined to be stronger than that.

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To be fair, the ones who beat him were Kyubi Cloak Naruto, Killer B and Itachi, who are actually stronger than the kage. I would also give it to the kage in both rounds, but in round 1, mostly because of Onoki. Round 2, he is just straight weaker. Each Kage is more than capable of taking out 1 path, leaving 1 path (likely Deva) for them to gang up on. The only problem I have with that scenario is Shinra Tensei. They arent Naruto, nor could they tank it as well, but i do feel they would still win in the end.
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Kages clear the board. Nagato is formidable but would be overwhelmed by 5 Kages. And while Pain would do a bit better, the kages should still handle anything he can break out.

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Scenario one maybe Nagato.

Scenario Two Kage take it mainly because i don't see Pain beating the Kage when he had a hard time with just Jiraiya and Sage Naruto.

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Edo Tensei Nagato may be able to put up a decent fight, all other versions of Nagato get put down fairly easily.

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5 kages both rounds

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@taichokage: How can they counter his summons? Or survive a Chou Shinra Tensei? Or his Gedo Mazo? Divine Attractor and Asura path with Human path could capture anyone of the kage then Nagato could keep away the rest with ST and summons. The only real threat here is Onoki every one else would pretty much die. I pretty much only think in round 1 Nagato can with Gedo Mazo with high difficulty. Round 2 he would lose mid difficulty.

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id say that raikage would fair the best against him thanks to his speed, and then the rest especially onoki finish him off

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