Nagato aka Pain (Naruto) vs Asura (Soul Eater)

Topic started by MisterShin on Aug. 23, 2011. Last post by YouFinished 3 years, 7 months ago.
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Nagato takes this.
Is destructive capacity is city level with shinra tensei.Mountain level with chibaku tensei.Plus he's supersonic apparently.
If we,re taking Edo Nagato it becomes even worse for Asura
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Is Asura strong than Chrona? Chrona would beat anyone from Naruto except op tier like Kyuubi, Gedo Mazo and Madara.
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The leftover madness from Chrona was easily a citybuster. Furthermore it wasn't just a simple citybusting power but the black mud also liquified everything in the radius and absorbed their souls. Yeah and as usual the Insanity Wavelength probably turned them mad, even.
Now...Chrone is definietly bellow Asura in power. In addition Asura has power and speed enough to reach the Moon.
I guess he stomps here.
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The size of Soul Eater-verse moon is unknown IIRC.
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@lifewiper: Well, it's still the Moon, the same thing which is orbiting our Earth in space. Asura being there the very least means he's capable of escaping the Earth's atmosphere and traveling in space.
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The only way to make a case for Asura is by powerscaling off Crona. Other than that he's a featless character expect for getting to the moon but by unknown methods. It just might be a little too earlier to use him battle threads. But anyways, I give him the win via powerscaling off Crona.
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