Myotismon VS Freddy Krueger

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Since it was a one-sided fight for Myotismon to go up against Marvel's Mephisto, and since Myotismon is a villain who's a nightmare in his own way, maybe it'll be a better battle if he goes up against Freddy Krueger, a nightmare monster who, while powerful, is not on Mephisto's level. Especially since there are two rounds to this fight, and Myotismon, if need be, can Digivolve to any alternate form he wants in both rounds. Also in both rounds, both Myotismon and Freddy have prepped, with bloodlust on and the fight to the death. The two rounds are...

Round 1: Myotismon VS Freddy Krueger in the real world.

Round 2: Myotismon VS Freddy Krueger in dreamland.

Who's Round 1's winner? And who's Round 2's winner?

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round 1 myotismon

round 2 freddy

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