My Team vs Z Fighter

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Only humans contaminated, transform stem cells - mutated genes / DNA, not aliens & gods (eg Superman, Thor). Level relative strength powers almost superman self.

Apollo, Black Bolt, Captain Atom, Sentry/Void, Wonderman, Hulk, Rulk vs

Goku, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin (later retires), Tien Shinhan (later retires), Chiaotzu (later retires), Yamcha (later retires), Yajirobe (later retires), Vegeta (joins after Frieza Saga), Future Trunks (returns to alternate timeline), Future Gohan (alternate timeline), Trunks, Goten, Android 18 (joins after Androids Saga), Majin Buu (changes ways, merges with Uub in DBGT), Uub (DBGT), Pan (DBGT)

Villains: Frieza, Kid/Super Buu, Cell, Broly

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your team has a chance here....

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Your team wins.

Black Bolt says hi, and everyone dies.

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Black Bolt is seriously insane he will solo, besides that, Sentry was able to defeat Molecule Man, a freaking cube being. It's funny that on Comicvine most people think those two would get owned by Superman LOL. Wank wank wank wank

Anyway yeah sadly DBZ team doesn't have much of a chance here, wish their feats were better, they definitely have the potential to be more powerful than people think they are....For example, Gotenks and Super Buu were able to scream and break open a hole in a dimension, Black Bolt needed a sound amplifier built by Reed Richards to pull off the same feat, and the hole he opened was nowhere near as big

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Yet Sentry was killed at the hands of Thor. Another inconsistent character. And Blackbolt isnt that strong. He could only stalemate Vulcan, whom Polaris defeated (a bit of PIS there as well). He could be blitzed by any number of the Z warriors. And at the end of the day, Majin Buu could eat most of them and absorb the rest. Or Broly galaxy busts and kills everyone that can't teleport. It could happen but I don't see team Marvel winning.
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Sentry is not right in the head and he had a death wish (let thor kill him), or are you saying Thor is stronger than a cube being too? Don't take the lowest showing possible, he out-moleculed Molecule Man, who btw, would own Superman. But that's off topic. Anyhow Broly's Galaxy Buster is always going to be disputed, Broly is at least FTL in travel and a Star destroyer. Majin Buu isn't really going to be able to do much here, much of team 1 is FTL for starters, and Buu loses his invulnerability and regen the more beat up he is since he loses ki, he'll get blitzed, besides that Sentry has been straight up ripped apart by molecule man several times and just brought himself back in seconds, he's a better matter manipulator than Buu will ever be too, if you can even call Buu that, black bolt is one too btw.

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Fair enough. I don't think Blackbolt is enough but Sentry at his best is ridiculously powerful. Maybe he could bring the win.
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@taichokage: I remember I mentioned Black Bolt in a battle a long time ago and you said the same thing. You do know how ridiculous he is right?

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They don't say which versions of these characters are being used so I'm going with their strongest, and the comic group beats the shit out of Z fighters.

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