Mukuro Kudo & Chrome Dokuro vs. Itachi & Sasuke

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- All at current

- Full potential

- Full knowledge of each other

- Fight to death

- No bloodlust


No Susanoo

No Body controlling


Cell Games

Hitman reborn Team vs. Naruto Team

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I take it you meant Rokudo Mukuro. Should go to team 1. I have been disappointed in reborn showings as of late, excluding Tsuna, but Mukuro still can see through illusions and both he and Chrome now can take illusions to the next level by making them real.
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Even without Susanoo I can see the bros taking this. Their eyes should be able to see through most illusions and they should both be able to dodge the real illusions aswell. That and Chrome is useless once you get past her illusions.

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But vice versa as well. Team Mukuro can see through illusions too.
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So.. who wins D:

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@eddz99 said:

So.. who wins D:

Team KHR.

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Hitman reborn takes this completely. Their illusions are too powerful. Do not forget that Mukuro also has super eyes and can enter other peoples bodies. And as far as illusions go they have shown way better feats because they have been able to create functioning organs via illusion. With all this we must not forget that the uchiha brothers are weaker in illusions than them and if they fall pray to the illusions(which they probably will) they will die. If they take Chrome(which is highly unlikely) they will not be able to take mukuro for sure.

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