Minato Namikaze vs Orochimaru

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Both are in character.
Both have their weapons. 
Win by Death. 
No prep. 
Both are at full health. 
Who wins?


Valley of the End
Valley of the End
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Minato easily has the means to strike Orochimaru down. But the question is, does he have the means to make him stay down? I'll say yes. and worse case scenario, Minato has to use Reaper Death Seal to take them both down but I doubt the fight will escalate to that point.

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I'd like to say Minato could cream Orochimaru easily considering his superior speed. But his feats are limited to what we seen in the flashback from before Naruto acquired Rikudo Mode, so there's no way to tell what the full scope of Minato's abilities are at this point.

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I still believe from that flashback we can figure he should be able to beat Orochimaru. FTG is uber hax.

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@SpeedForceSpider: Agreed. He could give Tobi a run for his money who is > Orochimaru.

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orochimaru summons the second and third kages and kills yondaime

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Minato wins he owned Obito in that fight the reason he died was because the Kyuubi Obito>Orochimaru.

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