Minato Namikaze vs. Jellal

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Full power

No bloodlust

Both current ( Anime )

Win by death

No prep


Grand Magic Games

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Info on Jellal please.

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@WhiteLion: Fairy tail jellal

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From what I heard of Minato, he is pretty fast... I'm pretty sure he can speedblitz Jellal with ease..

What do you think, since you are very good in Narutoverse.. since I lack Naruto stuff, tho I am very knowledgeable with Fairy Tail.

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@DBZ_universe: Well I looked up all of Jellal's abilities and he has very many like telekinesis, beam showers, and some sort of gravity orb which might overwhelm Minato. And his speed is pretty good but Minato has near instantaneous teleportation. And Minato was strong enough to fight the Nine Tails head on and beat Tobi so he should be able to hold his ground. If Minato can tag Jellal even once before he start with the crazy attacks, then Minato could put a Flying Thunder God tag on him and teleport to Jellal at any time and launch a powerful surprise attack. Plus there is summoning jutsu. So in conclusion if if Jellal can keep Minato and his Kunai at a distance or catch him in telekinesis, he could win. But if Minato gets close to Jellal he would get rasenganed a lot of times very easily but there is still no guarantee that it would kill Jellal. And the guy can make holograms. So 8/10 Jellal.

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@UltimateHero0406: Well Jellal has many Magic to offer such as magic that can rival that of an actual meteor (scary), his speed is good, but I have yet to see his current speed because of the 7 year time skip and that's why I am not entirely sure how powerful he got.. IMO he is the 3rd strongest mage in FTverse.

I was saying that he could get speedblitz because I heard that Minato was fast enough to make after images, so I thought to ask you since you are good in Naruto..

Jellal can also make him self as a suicide bomb.. even if he gets killed there is no way for Minato to avoid getting killed because he too would be a bomb.. and only Jellal could stop it.

but you are right 6 or 7/10 for Jellal!

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Minato has shown superior base speed to Jellal by some good margin me thinks. Although Meteor may trump that, and of course FTG >>> Jellal's meteor speed.

The problem with this matchup is that Minato did not show that many feats minus great speed/reflexes, Rasengan, FTG, Space Time Barrier.

Jellal has shown better durability and wide range of versatile spells. Now many of spells could be negated by the Space Time Barrier, and Minato could win this if he does enough few Rasengans on Jellal.

For example if Minato puts a FTG seal on Jellal then Minato has much greater chance of winning.

Space Time Barrier is Minato's only chance of defense minus evasive maneuver. He isn't the most durable ninja in Narutoverse.

Jellal's best chance includes keeping Minato away and if he can find out the secret to FTG and the Space Time Barrier. His spells can oneshot Minato, its just the problem is landing it.

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Minato wins this. His speed shits on any showing in Fairy Tail.

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@Fehafare said:

Minato wins this. His speed shits on any showing in Fairy Tail.


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