Minato, Jiraiya & Naruto Vs Itachi, Orochimaru & Saskue

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Give Reasons Why One Team Defeats Another.
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Oro can stalemate Jiraiya, leaving bros vs father and son. Sasuke is the weak link though as he's too mentally unstable, Minato maybe able to wear him out. Itachi is an insane beast so it's best to leave him to last, and if Minato can beat Sasuke then I think the father son duo maybe able to take Itachi down.

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team 2. orochimaru uses edo tensei, sword of kusanagi and yamata no orochi. he takes out jiraiya handily. minato faces sasuke and takes him out with s/t jutsu but this will take some time. itachi kicks naruto's ass with susano'o and tsukiyomi. theres a reason only another ms user can hope to face itachi and live. genjutsu gg.
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Sage Jiraiya beats Orochimaru.

Current Naruto (fox mode) beats EMS Sasuke.

Minato at least stalemates Itachi until the others are done.

Team 1 wins after a good fight.

@All_StarSupes: WTF do you mean "maybe"? I seriously hope that you aren't suggesting Itachi has a shot at beating the guy who was arguably the strongest Hokage ever and current Naruto at the same time.

And sorry, "if Minato can beat Sasuke"? You're kidding right?

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1st Hokage was strongest hokage but the 4th comes a close second
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Minato is nowhere near the strongest Hokage. He had the potential to be but died too young. I would only put him above Tsunade and that's it.

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1st Hokage the guy that was said to control many biju until he gave them 2 other villages, the guy that owned Madara with EMS & full power kyuubi not the weakened significantly kyuubi naruto has, said to be the strongest ninja of his time & the famous wood release & part of the senju clan
2nd Hokage was a master at water jutsu able to create great mass of water out of air (this practically makes him 1 of the best if not the best water jutsu user) & i'm assuming that Minato either meant the 2nd hokage's space time jutsu is better than his own or they are on the same level & its said that he created the impure world resurrection & he was part of the senju clan (basically younger of the 2 sage son's descendant - strength of will & physical body) 

3rd Hokage was called "The God Of Shinobi" in his prime, its also said that he was the strongest of the 5 kages of his era, he was also called "The Professor" because its said that he knew all the techniques in Konoha (obviously not the bloodline related) 
Actually i think its in order of the strongest from 1st to 5th hmmm thats interesting
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@acarter:Sarutobi was stated in the first official Naruto databook to be the strongest Hokage in his prime. Remember he went toe-to-toe with the 1st and 2nd Hokage when he was very old. Plus he knew virtually all the forbidden jutsu of the shinobi world. And the name, God of Shinobi says it all.

I would the say the 1st Hokage would be next. Mainly because he can control the bijuu with his wood element and he has the genjutsu 'bringer of darkness'. Then it's the 2nd Hokage. He has the most powerful water jutsu's in the Narutoverse and he has the space/time jutsu.

Minato would lose to all of these guys, but not because he's weaker than they are, it's just he wasn't able to achieve his potential.

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i take your points however i think it goes from 1st to 5th in order of the strongest
because he was able to defeat them but orochimaru's impure world resurrection was not as powerful & complete like kabuto's 
i think that plays a major role, he was called God of Shinobi in his prime, in his era out of the 5 kages
i seriously seriously doubt he is on par with Madara let alone the 1st Hokage & i think the 2nd Hokage is slightly above him still
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@acarter: In his old age he was stated to be stronger than any other Kage in this era. I can't see anyway that the 1st or 2nd would be able to beat him. And Madara is deeply overrated, the 1st spanked him everytime they fought.

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@acarter: Wrong, please explain to me why Harashima was stronger than Minato? (getting ready for you to say "he beat Madara", just to say if it is that, don't bother replying, it will save us a lot of time).

@All_StarSupes: So Danzo was stronger? Also what has the 2nd hokage done to put him above someone who schooled the current Raikage (to the point that he admitted that he didn't think anyone would ever surpass him), sealed the Kyuubi, was called the best shinobi by Jiraiya and was so strong that officials told their men to flee on sight if he was seen on the battlefield? Somebody needs to go back and consider how powerful Minato was. The 3rd being stronger at his prime is the only one I could allow (though even that is debateable).

Please remember that the 2nd hokage was brought to an "inch of death" when he fought the two gold brothers. You know, the ones that Darui alone was holding his own against for a while (and actually beat one of them)? Honestly it's debatable if the 2nd could have beaten Kisame, let alone Minato.

Madara with rinnegan is horrendously powerful, the strongest in the entire series bar the Rikudo Sennin.

"The 1st spanked him everytime they fought". Oh dear. The only time it was ever stated that Madara 'lost' to Hashirama in a straight fight was at the valley of the end, and it is heavily suggested that he allowed himself to lose in order to gain a part of Hashirama's power (which from there allowed him to acquire the rinnegan slightly before his death). You have given so many false statements it's really quite incredible.

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@GIRUGAMESH: Nobody said Danzo was stronger than Minato. Jiraiya is bias towards his prodigal student, so nothing he says should be taken as the golden rule.

It was stated in the official databook that the 3rd was the strongest Hokage.

The 2nd Hokage was ambushed by the brothers so it's not as simple as saying he lost to them so he's weaker.

Why would Madara want to lose??? If he could kill Hashirama then he could of taken his cells without any problems. The fact of the matter is he got spanked and with his last moments he managed to get what he needed.

Don't try and talk down to people just because you think you know more than others.

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  • Had control of many biju until he gave them 2 other villages + 1 of the few people that could conrtol a biju completely without dojutsu or being a jinjuriki (can't spell it) & before you bring up the necklace there has only been 1 shown so dont say he used that 2 control all the biji he had
  •  YES HE OWNED MADARA with EMS & full power kyuubi simultaneously whilst Minato fought tobi (the latter not doing anything impressive other than being intangible & his space time jutsu & not shown even using his sharingan at all in the fight) & kyuubi separately  
  • As I've said already somewhere above that Minato said his & the 2nd Hokage Space Time jutsu does not compare to tobi's....the exact words 'better at space-time ninjutsu than me or nidaime' why would he say that if the 2nd wasn't more skilled or somewhat equal in the jutsu.....Hashirama called the strongest ninja in his era so dont tell me he can't deal with Minato's space Time jutsu
  • I'm going to say this again said to be the strongest ninja of his time - his time hmmm current ninja war the shinobi that are alive needed lots of hints or info from people that knew about them 2 deal with the kages (mizukage & tshcukage), 2 ninja's with MS couldn't compare to Hashirama so Madara went & got EMS but that proved still not enough
  • The famous wood release & other jutsu i'm rightly assuming
  • Senju clan direct descendant of the younger son of the sage inheriting strength of will & physical energy..this is significant 

On the second hokage thing from what Minato said as i said before we simply do not know whether the 2nd hokage was better at space time jutsu or at an equal level.

  • Space time jutsu faster than 3rd raikage + lots of combinations with it
  • Alot of sealing techniques i presume learned from Naruto's mum
  • Rasengan
  • Very intelligent 
  • I'm also going to say he has a veriety of jutsu including summoning jutsu
  • He is said to be a ninja prodigy brimming with talent that ONLY APPEARED ONCE A GENERATION, Jiraiya also said he was ONE of the gifted shinobi who ever lived & OBVIOUSLY the 4th Raikage meant that nobody currently alive would surpass him....how is a dead person supposed to surpass someone alive, if he/she is already dead? p.s. this is not dragonball z or any other manga where that is witnessed lol

On the madara being strongest in the series shown so far apart from the sage is understandable but i am an itachi fanboy if itachi had access to the rinnegan i think the majority would agree itachi is the stronger of the 2 (that's another debate entirely).
NO your assuming that he allowed himself to lose to better your argument.
It's not been hinted at that he allowed himself to lose (besides why would you do that even if it was some part of a master plan if he was truly strong enough he would have defeated Hashirama & gained access to his power either way) but i'm just speculating even though i make sense, he lost the battle until the manga says otherwise despite losing the battle he gained a portion of Hashirama's powers.
You have given some false statements. 
& as @All_StarSupes: said "Don't try and talk down to people just because you think you know more than others"
One more thing
The silver & gold brothers, the sages ninja weapons, 4 of the 5 strongest ninja tools, nearly any one i said nearly (lets not get into a shit storm now) would lose against them without knowledge prior similar to Pain(Negato) & the 2nd Hokage got cornered & was on the brink of death because they did not know enough info on the weapons stated when Ginkaku (the fat muscular one) said 'you know a lot about it, a lot of time has passed & it seems they have uncovered several secrets' + on top of the weapons they had kyuubi cloak & could control it lol well Ginkaku anyways
When it comes to One Piece & Naruto please make sure you have the accurate facts in a debate that I'm in because I do know a large amount on these 2 manga :D

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@acarter: Yeah, your knowledge is so great that you've provided another suitcase of wrong.

Ok, fair enough, so I'll accept there isn't enough evidence to suggest that Madara allowed himself to lose, and I'd probably agree with you that Itachi with rinnegan would be even stronger than Madara.

But you seem to be throwing out wild speculations on that battle; for all we know Hashirama had several other tailed beasts with him, or maybe he was even able to convert the fox using his mastery over Bijuu. We simply don't know enough about the actual fight to make that claim. The feats would suggest otherwise as well; if Hashirama was indeed stronger than the Kyuubi and Madara combined, he would have slaughtered Hiruzen in their fight, edo zombie or not.

And sure, he was called the strongest of his era, but the ninja of the newer generations have improved significantly on those of the old (tying in with the whole "the new will surpass the old" thing). The only powerful ninja from that first generation were really Muu, Madara, Izuna, Kakuzu, Nidaime and Hashirama himself.

"2 ninjas with MS couldn't compare". You really are making him out to be some sort of god here. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember there ever being a straight 2v1 fight between Izuna and Madara against Hashirama, with them getting beaten so badly that they didn't even "compare".

Even so, I could understand why you might make a case for Hashirama beating the 4th. But the 2nd? That claim alone is enough to brew up a "shitstorm". Sorry, but what has the 2nd EVER done that puts anywhere near the level of Minato or Hashirama? You say that Ginkaku and Kinkaku could beat nearly anyone if they didn't have prior knowledge of the treasures abilities. Here's a humble list of people that could probably pull it off without too much difficulty:

4th Raikage (A), 3rd Raikage, Minato, Hashirama, Madara, Tobi, Itachi, Sasuke, Naruto, Killerbee, Jiraiya, Nagato, Gaara (they'd never touch him with the rope), Hiruzen...

and there are more besides who could probably do it. Just think about it; commanders tell their armies to flee on sight if they see Minato. Nidaime just got hunted down in the end and was killed off by a load of unnamed ninja. Very impressive. I'm not saying he's weak by any means; he's certainly strong enough to hold the title of a kage. However he simply isn't on the uber-tier of ninja that people like Itachi, Minato, Madara and Hashirama are on.

I'd be happy to continue, but on the thread I just made for "Minato runs the gauntlet", as we seem to be going off-topic here.

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i cant be asked to carry this on
i have this i'm right your wrong psyche unless concrete evidence or suitable theories are placed in front of me (on this topic)
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Naruto solos. Pain is stronger than those 3 combined. And now with Nine Tail Chakra Mode? Team Evil stands no chance.

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