Mifune vs Mifune

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@UltimateHero0406: i see mifune from naruto wining because he was able to defeat a very powerful ninja while he was a zombie and see that has a better feat then the other mifune. and that naruto speed is at a faster pace so he'll beat him because of the speed advantage but your right both mifunes are unique and pretty god damn good swordsman but naruto's mifune just comes off as more impressive and thats why i think he'll have a better chance of winning.

if you think se mifune wins thats fine. me i just find mifune from naruto more impressive.

im glad you made this topic since most fights are either using people who are popular or hax.

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@waybig1010101: Ok, I can understand your point of view. But SE Mifune got my vote for his insane sword techniques. Im glad you like this. I have thinking about it for a while. And you are right, a lot of these battles are either severely overused or simply haxing competitions so I try to make my threads a little different.

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Any fresh views?

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SE Mifune murders Naruto Mifune.

Infinite Sword Play

Faster speed & reflexed

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I'd say SE Mifune wins too. He should be much faster having been able to react to even sniper shot rounds and having a wider variety of skills.

Naruto Mifune got destroyed by Hanzo in his prime and he only won against Edo Hanzo because Edo Hanzo was said to have been well past his prime and well out of training. Edo Hazno would've been destroyed by any one of the Saanin.

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