Mephisto(Marvel Comics)VS Myotismon(Digimon Adventure)

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Two very powerful, literally devilish villains go at it! Mephisto from Marvel Comics takes on Myotismon from Digimon Adventure! Prep for both and bloodlust on, with the fight being total one on one and to the death. It takes place in the Netherrealm of Mortal Kombat, to fit the satanic theme of evil these two obviously have. Who will win and live? The demon or the digimon?

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From what I know, Mephisto is around skyfather level or so.

Myotismon has no business at all going against him.

In other words, stomp thread.

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@MohsinMan99: Not true, Kubik stated that mephisto is above him in power, and just incase you didnt know, kubik held a universe in his hand before.

Mephisto owns.

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what real feats does Myotismon actually have or shown

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Since when does Myotismon have reality warping, his own personal realm and immortality?

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Myostismon is one very dead Digimon after this fight.... I hope he turns into a good digi-egg after Mephisto rapes him

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Mephisto dominates in this hellish fight.

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