Megas XLR vs Gurren Lagann - (with a twist)

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Base form

Scenario 2:

S-force Megas zorb VS Arc-Gurren Lagan


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Gurren lagann in every scenario... The logic breaking will erupting machine equal to the gods.....or a robot piloted by a gamer * I love megas Xlr this brings back memories*
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Gurren wins victory
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Gurren Lagann kicks reasons, physics and Megas in the ass....

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The first scenario I would definitely have to give to Megas. Why??? Because he usually always has some kind of secret weapon that helps him win the battle. Megas has fought and won against enemies many times larger and more powerful than Gurren-Lagann, especially if it's just base form Gurren-Lagann.

You know what watch this

Also Megas would probably have a button that just said "Anti-Gurren Lagann missile".

This isn't really a competition at all, unless you used Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, then we might have a match on our hands.

Edit: this actually shows you most of his weapons. See how he has a 5 minutes till the end of the episode of button and pretty much every other hax button you could ever want. Megas's powers are pretty much limited to Coop's imagination and if you've seen the show he has quite a big imagination.

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@ohgodwhy: wow, the only post supporting megas is the only one that doesn't sound bias. and I agree, a few times megas has made some toon-force level moves.

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