Mech Tourney Round 2 Battle 1

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Kuro San: Mazinger vs. King of Ash:?

King of Ash has until this theread gets to the bottom of the first page to post or will be disqualified

Mazinger "s Super Z Alloy is at 75%

Choose between corrosive metal or fire cannon thing

Mechagodzilla Neo
Mechagodzilla Neo


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@Galenbeta: you have to add the @ to get a user's attention. edit - you can't DQ king of ash since that would make it odd which is bad it's your turn

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@Galenbeta: Neither in OVA's or in the Anime Mazinkaiser destroyed a planet, it's said he could, but he never destroys one, thus it isnt comprobable he can destroy a planet. And in the case I still need to use regular Mazinger instead, why cant I use the full arsenal, that's kind of the point, having a walking castle filled with weapons. In the case I have to choose I'll pick the Breast Fire, yet Neo Mechagodzilla also haves an arsenal of weapons, is he going to have restrictions, and he also haves a durable alloy as a hull, so basically I'm getting depowered just for kicks.

In the case of using Mazinkaiser against Neo-MechaGodzilla:

  • Superior Hull
  • Heat is proven as a powerful weapon to mess with the controls of Mechagodzilla, so the Fire Blaster could do internal damage
  • Koji is a superior pilot and fighter than Mechagodzilla, that only acts through controls or with rudimentary intelligence. Koji haves experience in fighting Monsters... a lot
  • If the Forcefield is proyected to the front twin Turbo Smasher Punchs could attack from the front as a distraction and the other in the back.
  • Photonic Beams surely can beat the Twin Laser Beams thanks to the increased power output of the Photonic Reactor
  • If everything else fails Mazin-power and Kaiser Blades should do the trick.

In the case of Mazinger Z:

  • Similar reasons as Mazinkaiser, only that scaled down to Mazinger.
  • Even more weapons, such as the digital missiles, the Iron Cutter upgrade for the Rocket Punch, The Freeze Beam, the Drill Missile, Spinning Rocket Punch, Chained Rocket Punch, Photonic Energy Discharges and Reinforced Fists. Not to mention The Jet Scrander that allows Mazinger to fly up to Mach 3, meaning he is 3 times faster than Mecha Godzilla. And a Photonic Forcefield Capable of withstanding a nuclear bomb (of unsaid Kilotons)
  • Mazinger can fight in almost any enviroment unimpended. Air, Land or Water.ç
  • In the case I'm allowed to use the Shin Shougeki Mazinger version I also include the Big Bang Punch and the God Scrander to Mazinger Advantages, and technique in which Mazinger itself morphs into a massive Rocket Punch and ramms into the enemy ( And the beauty of it is that it doesnt deplets Mazinger at all so he can keep going.
  • I also include the One Hundred Rocket Punch to Mazinger Arsenal ( The same principle of a Rocket Punch but a hundred times over.
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Neo Godzilla is not your opponent and by looking at the wiki it is clearly Mazinkaiser is planetary level

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@Galenbeta: I'm standing by feats, he never shows that capabilities and neither uses attacks that prove that theory. And I'm using the anime/movie version, that never ever destroyed a planet, so I wont say that he can.

Why did you put a Neo Mechagodzilla pic then?

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@Kuro_San: I am trusting my judgement and saying it is planetary level

The pick was to make it look good

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