Master Roshi vs Yusuke

Topic started by hiei_hyabusha on Jan. 11, 2011. Last post by phantomrant 2 years, 4 months ago.
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@phantomrant: Explain...

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Roshi wins

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@xlab3000: Explain... give feats.

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This thread is hilarious, Roshi would murder Yusuke, he doesn't have any destructive feats comparable to Busting the Moon. 1 Kamehameha and it's over.

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Master is the winner if he we all live in crazy town. Demon Yusuke would kick his ass and so would normal Yusuke. I'm sorry master Roshi fans but he would be a exploded stain on the ground :)

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I love how the guy who can't tank a grenade is being used as a benchmark for how fast Roshi is, by throwing things far no less. Toa's insane log / pillar tossing strength / speed is non-existent in actual fights. I'm hard pressed to believe Roshi can even hurt Yusuke without resorting to the Kamehameha's higher blasting power.

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Yusuke demon guns him in the face.

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@TheNeutralOne said:

@phantomrant: Explain...

Strength: Yusuke can casually dish out mountain-level shockwaves (and with calc, they're at island level). Roshi's a glass cannon and his durability isn't any higher than building level. Just punching at his general direction will one-shot him immediately (and said punch is mach 50+).

Speed: Triple digit Yusuke. Don't like it? Try half of that speed. Still don't like it? Try half of half that speed. You can also take a look at Hiei's outrunning of the gas explosion and then scaling all the way to stab Sniper feat as another accepted calc (gas explosions anyway are easily hypersonic typically). Either way, all 4 of these speeds is far superior to what can only be scaled down to mach 7 Roshi (or mach 14 if you consider Earth's rotation). Yusuke speedblitzes in all regards. How can Roshi be able to charge or launch anything if he's gonna be blitzed and one-shotted? Therefore, speed equalization is necessary for Roshi to win.


Roshi also needs to charge himself into full power and charge his moon-busting Kamehameha, all of which takes time and requires prep time to charge himself in order for him to win (or otherwise, lolone-shot). Any of the weaker kamehamehas that Roshi has shown other than pulverizing the moon are things that Yusuke can brush through. Once Roshi has prep time to charge up and speed is equalized, the only thing left is a battle of firepower, in which Roshi dwarfs him. Otherwise, there is too much of a stomp.

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