Master Roshi takes the Phantom Troupe challenge!

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OK so this like a gauntlet sort of anyway


Round 1 - Roshi arm wrestles the troupe from 13 -1 , Round 2 - weakness to strongest , Round 3 - Roshi takes all of them at the same time , in character , speed is equal if there is a problem , Roshi can't use chi for round 1 and 2 , for round 3 roshi has one sensu bean and can use chi not mega blasts , for round 2 the troupe will see and know what roshi can do since the other members will be watching the fights very closely , no cheap moves from roshi

Location - Meteor City

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He should take rounds 1 and 2 fairly easily, even round 3 I would have given him a chance if he could use the Kamehameha wave. What does no cheap moves from Roshi even mean? In round 3 he can use "chi" but not "mega blasts"? I, don't even know what that means, I don't remember roshi ever firing off random ki blasts, I could be wrong but I only remember him using the Kamehameha wave, the closest thing to it is his invisible kiai blast he used to knock out Yamcha in the 21st world tournament, and actually Roshi can take it in round 3 if he uses his Thunder Shock Surprise attack, but you put "no cheap moves" in there so idk wtf he's even allowed to do here

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What do you mean no cheap moves from Roshi? Like he can't use Hypnosis or paralysis or are you talking about the kamehameha wave? Not liek it really matter I don't think he loses even if you took all that away.

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