Master Rochi Vs Current Naruto

Topic started by comicfanforever on Jan. 6, 2010. Last post by soldier 5 years, 1 month ago.
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Master  Roshi Vs Current Naruto     
Naruto can t use the demon fox....
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Interesting. I'd have to say Master Roshi. After all, Naruto has never had the power to destroy the moon.
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@comicfanforever: Roshi stomp his kamehameha can destroy the moon he would blow naruto and the entire village into smoke not to mention how fast he is as seen when he fought krillen.
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Roshi stomps this fight
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Roshi is actually a really skilled fighter, who is clearly faster than sound. For a human to not be seen by a whole group of martial artists, and alot of 3-eyed people (who are supposed to be more powerful, and have super vision), he has to be very fast, also he was thinking, playing games, fighting in all under a second: 
An eye blinks at 300 to 400 hundred milliseconds per blink     
That means that about 5 minutes worth of fighting, playing, spitting and thinking was done, faster than 0.3 seconds. Not bad for an old man. 
Master Roshi also destroyed the moon utterly, as there were no fragments left, no trace whatsoever. He then proceeded to carry on fighting goku 
sleepy boy technique:

send Naruto to sleep. 
lightning attack to fry naruto:     
Master Roshi wins this

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