Marvel Team vs Juubito

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Juubito somehow lands in the Marvel universe and begins battling it's many heroes!


Top: Wolverine, Cyclops

Middle: She-Hulk, QuickSilver

Bottom: Namor, Ms. Marvel


  1. Battle takes place in a crowded NYC street
  2. Team knows Juubito's abilities and Juubito likewise knows theirs
  3. In Character
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Jubito. None of these characters except Quicksilver have the speed to avoid blitzing or high magnitude attacks. None of them have the durability to tank said attacks except Wolverine, and none of them have the output to harm Jubito to any notable extent except Cyclops at full throttle. The end result is that Wolverine alone would be standing. Even the. There's nothing he could really do and if Obito still has Kamui, he can BFR Wolverine as well. The only possible way Junito could be taken out is if the remaining 4 somehow distract Jubito for a brief moment and hope Cyclops isn't blitzed and he does a full power blast. Even then I'm not sure it would be enough but he claims his maximum blasts could shatter a mini moon so it's possible. Still unlikely though.
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Damn I thought adding She hulk and Namor might even it out a bit....might have to edit it if its a stomp

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so no new team?

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Namor have tackled with planetbusters, and Ms.Marvel could absorb all energy attack Juubito throw at her.

This is far from a stomp.

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