Mantaro Kinniku (Aka) Kid muscle vs Mask de Masculine

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Mask De Masculine
Mask De Masculine

fight takes place on muscle planet

Round one: in character and without Jamies

Round two: serious kid muscle and Mask with James.

it's a no holds bared match, where anything goes.

the ring looks like this.

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okay did now that we've seen everything let's see if Mask can take Kid muscle.

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Kid Muscle gets stomped.

Speed equalised? No problem, Mask still stomps. His hits when he got serious sent his opponent flying a mile away. His durability would also make Kid's attacks look like nothing, not to mention he can fire blasts that can one-shot Bleach captains.

To give some perspective: Kevin Mask was using a demolition ball to hit himself in order to prepare for Kid's muscle millenium (I think that's the name). Any of the sternritter would laugh themselves silly at a demolition ball.

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