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Ghost rider WTF thats not even funny and with Zarathos could solo all of them
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@willyvereb: @DBZ_universe: 
1) Dude is on par with Blackheart+ his realm
2) As it was already stated he could easily beat WWhulk
3) Not only penance stare but also hellfire and RW
4) Penance stare burns soul and Alucard has like million of them making it even more deadlier for him 0
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Ghost Rider - Alucard "MORE SOULS MORE PROBLEMS!"  
Naruto - Even Daredevil has bested a symbiote Spiderman. Lot of rage on a power trip Spiderman that I could imagine Naruto landing standard Rasengan or Big Boy Rasengan he smashed the Itachi clone with. Not to mention essentially an army of himself at his beck and call. 
Classic Thor - Goku can't survive any direct attack from Classic Thor, giving him his belt or even popping warrior's madness would be greatly over kill. Mjolnir will have the side effect of eating up anything Goku could throw at him. All that leaves Goku is how long it will take for Thor to take him down, which he will with an omnidirectional attack.
Mindless Hulk - Will keep on going till he brings his opponent down.
Blackheart - Why wouldn't you put Itachi up against a being, that even his Mangekyou, has no power over?  
Ichigo - Iron Man in the Hulk Buster will be a sitting duck and Ichigo nuke blitz him. Give stark some prep to build himself an Ichigo Buster, it sounds better and will look cooler. 
Luffy (Regular Pre Time skip) - Reeds going to get beat on. Although the concept of two elastic men fighting one another has always been big on these boards.
Sandman vs Gaara (Shippuden) - I'm somewhat undecided, Could Gaara have more power of sand than Sandman? Probably not. Still spli.
Inuyasha - He could put Wolverine down using the black Tetsusaiga. Or just spam fry him till he calls it quits 
Galactus - Obvious winner is Obvious.

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@Hellos:  I gotta hand it to you, I agree with all of your results.
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im confused, everyone is saying that sandman would win but sandman is made out of sand!!!!!!!!! gaara can control sand! unless im missing something idk how sandman would win if gaara could just control him
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@sasuke0447:  Gaara's only able to freely control the sand that is within his gourd because it's coated in his chakra. While capable of controlling regular soil and sand as well, this consumes a great deal more chakra on his end and he doesn't normally resort to this except as an absolute last resort. And I think this ability would be pointless to use against Sandman considering he could simply reform himself if his body is scattered apart and Gaara would be rapidly exhausting his chakra reserves.
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Sandman has a far greater range of control and his power isn't limited. Gaara also lost a lot of his power after the Shukaku was removed from him.

Also, Reed would win over Luffy. Why? He's taken a lot more punishment than Luffy can dish out. He's taken a shot capable of blowing up a moon and was relatively unharmed. Luffy's stretching is also fairly limited to what part of his body he's using at the time. Sure, he's much faster than Reed, there's no doubt, but Reed wins in the long run.

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Ghost Rider









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May the shitstorm proceed!

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I don't know why it was bumped, but I agree with all his choices.
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@SpeedForceSpider said:

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@taichokage said:

I don't know why it was bumped, but I agree with all his choices.

Exactly. I hate these type of threads. Mainly, because this isn't even a team fight, it is separate fights that each deserve to be in different threads. I't not like the forum is gonna run out of space, lol.

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@ReiKai: how would reed hurt luffy? punches cant affect luffy and haki can bypass reeds durability, also i have heard of reed unable to get tired....

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@taichokage said:

Lol I have commented on this actual youtube video. But you seem to be for team marvel because it was never said that goku was restricted to ssj3 or that ironman should have hulkbuster. anyway GR Naruto Thor Hulk Blackheart Ichigo Luffy Gaara Inuyasha Galactus (in a stomp) Those are your winners

this .

Galactus - Obvious winner is Obvious.


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WHy bump a 2 year old thread with battle for thew most part have their own threads.
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