Majin Vegeta, Goku SS2 Vs SP Cell, Gohan SS2, Dabura, Bojack

Topic started by comicfanforever on Nov. 20, 2011. Last post by JThree47605 3 years, 2 months ago.
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Vegeta SS2, Goku SS2 Vs SP Cell, Gohan SS2, Dabura, Bojack


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This is a good one, i'm not sure.

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Team One would win. Bojack is the weakest fighter in this battle. Either Majin Vegeta or SSJ2 Goku can one-shot him effortlessly. So it is essentially Super Perfect Cell and SSJ2 Gohan Vs. Majin Vegeta and SSJ2 Goku since Bojack is basically a non-factor. Gohan can be defeated by SSJ2 Goku since Goku had already mastered his SSJ2 form so he is most likely stronger. Majin Vegeta can defeat SSJ2 Gohan as well since Majin Vegeta is extremely ruthless and powerful enough to fight evenly against SSJ2 Goku and hold his own against Majin Buu. Super Perfect Cell is either near an SSJ2's level or is at an SSJ2's level but either Goku or Vegeta can defeat him. So I'll say team one, also due to the fact that Goku and Vegeta have worked as a duo before during the Buu Saga.


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@Newdeath: I would argue that Dabura is the weakest in this fight, the guy was roughly equal to SSJ Gohan in the buu saga, who was weaker than he was in the Cell saga. I would have guessed that Bojack would have been around Perfect Cell level though.

Dabura is pretty much a non-factor here, and Bojack wouldn't be anything more than an annoyance for the saiyan duo. I would give this to Majin Vegeta and Goku, as they will be able to work far better together than the other team (plus power-wise, I think they have a slight advantage). The fact that team 1 has more experience only makes their win even easier.

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@GIRUGAMESH: That's possible. I hadn't considered that.


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I remember Vegeta saying SSJ2 Goku was stronger than SSJ2 Gohan that fought Cell. He was able to fight evenly with Goku, which would mean he as well as Goku is stronger than everyone on team 2

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