Magneto VS Vegeta

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That's right! Magneto from Marvel Comics takes on Vegeta from Dragonball Z! There are two rounds, and in both, no prep for either and bloodlust is on for both, with the fight taking place in the sky, as both have flight as one of their powers. In both rounds, the fight is also to the death. In Round 1, regular Vegeta faces Magneto. In Round 2, Super Sayian Vegeta faces Magneto. So, who wins Round 1, and who wins Round 2?
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Vegeta wins. While Magneto could win just as easily, Vegeta is too fast. He'll blitz Magneto before anything can be done.


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@Newdeath You are applying this to both rounds, meaning Vegeta wins whether he's super-sayian or not, right?
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@blackdemon: Vegeta would win both rounds.
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Magneto is no where near vegeta interms of power even when he is 1st intoduced is able to destroy the planet where as Magneto has no where near that ammount of power...

Vegeta... No Contest


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Guess I'll defend Mags here....

Will vegeta be able to break Magneto's Force Field? it was durable enough to withstand a reflex blast from Galactus,nukes,photons and much more. He's also able to do harm to the phoenix entity itself

Magento also reigns over the entire electromagnetic spectrum, this includes visible light(Ki), radio waves, ultraviolet light, gamma rays, and x-rays.

He can also augment his body via enhancing strength,reflexes,etc to take on 100 toners such as hercules, thor, she hulk and many others. His reaction speed has been known to be around/at lightspeed making him being "Blitz" nearly impossible

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magneto can control the electrons in the mind...easy win

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Not it he isn't fast enough to react. Although people underestimate him. In trerns of raw power he can easily contend wig the likes of Vegeta, it's just that Vegeta's base stats are well above what Magneto can reasonably react to. He has been blitzed by Qucksilver and those who are slower. Vegeta would sin but could just as easily lose were sheer speed not on his side.
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Yeah Magneto's powerful but not powerful enough to face Vegeta.

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Vegeta wins both rounds...
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Well, Vegeta, but apples and oranges.... Magneto does not really match up well against most Z-Fighters, only Silver Surfer, Phoenix, and Captain Universe really are on par with Z-Fighters.
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Speed Blitz aside, Magneto would win.

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For those who don't know, Magneto can control the entire electromagnetic field of an entire planet, the entire electromagnetic spectrum and has once reversed the Earth's magnetic poles. He only loses here because Vegeta is too damn fast and will blitz him.


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Mag speed: Hypersonic+, lightspeed reactions

Vege speed: Massively Hypersonic, potentially relativistic while in SSJ4 form.

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Magneto is powerful, now doubt. 
But he is nowhere near Vegeta. (Speed equal or not) 
Magneto can augment himself with Earths em field, but Vegeta can just blow up Earth or Magneto.
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@MisterShin: If speed was equal, Magneto would murder him.

Magneto can manipulate the entire electromagnetic spectrum. He's powerful enough to reverse the Earth's magnetic poles. If speed was equal, there would be nothing stopping Magneto from manipulating the iron in Vegeta's blood? The brain is an electromagnetic organ, Magneto can literally kill Vegeta by manipulating it. There are so many ways for Magneto to win if speed was equal that it's ridiculous.


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I still think Magnetos capable of activating shield before vegeta can hit him. hes capable of augmenting his reflexes to react to fast individuals.

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I don't see Vegita speed blitzing anyone. I was in another thread and saw a character's personality being mentioned and not being tossed out the window when it comes to how they've fight. If the "everyone is a mindless killing machine" rule is tossed out, Vegeta definitely won't speed blitz. He'll toy around with Magneto at first and if Magneto ever expresses the idea that he has an attack that could kill Vegeta, Vegeta will stop attacking him and let him do the attack just to prove to Mags how much stronger he is and how his royal SS blood is no match for a mere human's attacks.

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