Madara with rinnegan vs Hashirama

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No prep time

Setting parallel universe where Madara does not die after there frist fight and comes back for revenge with his new rinnegan.

No edo Madara

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If he's got his Rinnegan as well then I think Madara would win this. Rinnegan is pretty much hax, he'd have the same eyes as the Sage from whom the Senju and Uchiha are descended.

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Madara stomps.

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lol Hashirama is that much of a threat that you created a scenario where Madara gets beaten then runs away with Hashirama power (cells) then comes back to challenge him again lol

I want Hashirama to win but that Doujutsu (Rinnegan) is just too hax.

It will not be a stomp though.

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